Nov 30 2011

As reported by R. Neal at,

The State Board of Education held an appeal hearing yesterday regarding a proposed Blount County charter school that was rejected by Blount County schools (and Alcoa schools before that). The organizers appealed to the state and a decision is expected by year end.

The Maryville Daily Times reports that Ruby Tuesday joined Airport Honda, Clayton Homes, East TN Land Development, LLC and US Foodservice in support of the charter school.

(The article did not mention that Warren Buffett, who is involved with the Gates Foundation's efforts to undermine public education and teachers, owns Clayton Homes.)

According to the report, citizens showed up at the meeting to speak for and against the charter school. "My children don’t need this school taking money away from their school," said Gary Wynn, a parent of two Blount Co. school students.

The Daily Times coverage, while mostly "fair and balanced" with regard to reporting "both sides" of the controversial proposal, appears biased against public schools and in favor of diverting taxpayer money from public education to fund charter schools. Charter school lobbyist Matt Throckmorton appears to have them on speed dial. Their latest spin promotes "public schools of choice."

What the local coverage has failed to do thus far is explain why the charter school organizers are any better qualified than the local school system and professional educators, or what the charter school organizers bring to the table other than demands for a $1.5 million handout from taxpayers.

It's also amazing that so many people in the community seem so concerned about our "failing" public schools yet keep electing people at the local and state level who oppose public education. Well, I guess it isn't all that amazing, really.

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