Apr 22 2012

City of Alcoa engineers will be available to discuss the new "traditional retail center" proposed for the Alcoa, Inc. West Plant site between Hall Road and Mills Street on the West side of the Springbrook community.

Information will be provided by the City of Alcoa regarding the proposed street connection to the Springbrook neighborhood along Mills Street (Note: at Hoopes Street, Frary Street, Alcoa Road).

Mills Street will temporarily serve as the secondary entrance to the initial phase of the development until the Hunt Road / Alcoa Highway intersection is improved as part of the Alcoa Parkway Project. (Note: Although, according to the City Manager, Mark Johnson, this is not a temporary entrance. It is only temporary for getting traffic to Hunt Road and Alcoa Highway. This secondary entrance is permanent. In addition, it will "temporarily" serve as access to Hunt Road/Alcoa Highway for 5-8 or more years.)

Open house schedule:
Tuesday, April 24, 2012 from 9 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday, April 25, 2012 from 9 AM to 6 PM

City of Alcoa Service Center
725 Universal Street
Alcoa, Tennessee 37701
(865) 380-4800


Additional Community Information:

  • There is no guarantee the City Mayor, City Commissioners, or the City Manager will be on site if you visit the open house.

  • You will more than likely have no opportunity to discuss the project with your fellow Springbrook residents since this is an open house lasting two days and fifteen hours total.

  • Ensure you question the Average Daily Trip Generation to exceed 34,000 for the new traditional retail center (e.g. strip mall). What percentage of that are they projecting for the Springbrook neighborhood access? 10% (3,400 trips/cars)? Compare that to the current traffic counts on Alcoa Road, Frary St, Hoopes St. 25 cars/day? 50 cars/day? 100 cars/day?

  • Ensure you question the ""New Urbanist walkable mixed use community" with "town square" they are promising. How far in the future do they predict such a community will be realized? Ten years? Twenty years? As of right now, the only near term commitment is for the traditional retail center.

  • What entrance will the construction traffic use?

  • Other shopping centers (Hamilton Crossing and Hunters Crossing in Alcoa, Northshore Town Center in Knoxville at Pellissippi Parkway and Northshore Drive, Turkey Creek in Knoxville) don’t have direct access to surrounding neighborhoods. Why should this development have direct access to historic, quaint, peaceful , family oriented Springbrook?

  • If access is required (possibly due to a plane crash at the Hall Road access, per the City Manager Mark Johnson), ask why they can't move the access to the top of Mills Street as close to Hunt Road as possible to avoid Springbrook as much as possible? Say no to Alternates A, B, and C. Request Community Suggested Alternate D at the top of Mills Street.



Springbrook residents, protect your neighborhood!
It's not too late.

West plant develoment

I am concerned about seeing all those large, beautiful pines along Mills street disappearing. I would be sad for all those people who live on Mills st. Looking out of their front door and seeing a commercial development.

Thank you for your input.

Thank you for your input. Let's take the next step and keep the traffic from the commercial development out of the Springbrook community.

April 23, 2012, The Daily

April 23, 2012, The Daily Times reports "Major retailer eyes property". "The retailer would be a big enough draw to make people in the region drive here to shop with us", he [Mark Johnson, Alcoa City Manager] said.

It this is the case, then why have direct access to Springbrook. It's not like residents will need frequent access to a retail store that is a tourist destination.

Maryville Recycling

In today's Daily Times, 01-22-13, on page two, there is an article concerning recycling in Maryville.

They report that too many people are using the Centers so therefore they are going to reduce the number of locations. What a brilliant idea! Also, they are discussing a proposal to hire three guards at a cost of $270,000 ($90,000 per year for each guard) to make sure county residents are not using the centers. My question is: How does one apply for these $90,000 jobs?

The articles states that a private company is providing the recycling service to the city at no cost. I don't understand the comment from one city councilman that "If we can't scale it back to what we can afford, then we don't need to be doing it". The city mayor was quoted as saying the city "can't afford the cost". What is the cost if a private company is providing the service free? Is the city receiving money for the recycled materials? At the volume they are reporting, there should be some income.

The county is currently the major financial supporter of the Blount County landfill even though county residents have to pay for private garbage pickup service. The county pays more than the cities on every joint venture that the three governments are involved in together. The county needs some officials that can standup to the cities and bargain a better agreement for the county residents.

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