The Alcoa Aluminum Company West Plant Redevelopment plan is no plan at all. The lack of funding by the City of Alcoa, Kinsey Probasco Hayes, and the Alcoa Aluminum Company for the development is being put on the shoulders of the Springbrook community.

Based on the numbers in the plan document, approximately 10,281 average daily trips are projected in 2013 for the new traditional retail development.

3,427 approx. average daily trips (33.3% of total) in 2013 are projected to exit into the Springbrook community access on Mills Street (either between Hoopes/Frary, direct to Frary, or direct to Alcoa Road)

Of these 3,427 average daily trips into the Springbrook community, they project for 2013:

60% (2,399) will head North on Mills Street for a total of 4,216 average daily trips.
This is an increase of 132% over the current 1,817 average daily trips.

33% (720) will head South on Mills Street for a total of 2,350 average daily trips.
This is an increase of 47% over the current 1,630 average daily trips.

7% (308) will use Alcoa Road for a total of 515-566 average daily trips.
This is an increase of 119% over the current 258 average daily trips.

This is, of course, assuming their projections are correct.

There are not definite plans for the new West Plant development. According to everyone at the City of Alcoa we speak with (Kinsey Probasco Hayes won't return our calls), anything is subject to change. One thing we do know, they do not have the funds nor the commitment to develop this project in the manner compatible with the Springbrook community. If they did, they would not force an egress on the Springbrook community.

They are selling a bill of goods to get this project jump started. They are only telling the people a little at a time. They have no idea what will end up in this traditional retail shopping center. There may never be a New Urbanism portion with mixed-use. The only thing that will happen in this retail center is what will make the developer money at the expense of the Springbrook community. The developer doesn't care enough about the surrounding community to build a loop road as has been done elsewhere. The developer wants to save money by putting the cost on the Springbrook community.

The current retailer the City of Alcoa is dangling in front of our noses surely won't be a grocer, doctor's office, drug store, Target, WalMart, K-Mart or any other type of retail establishment useful to the community. It was reported the retailer will bring shoppers from all over the area. Well, shoppers won't come here for any of these stores I mentioned since they are all already saturated in Knox and Blount Counties.

Remember Pellissippi Place on Old Knoxville Highway right next to the Jackson Hills neighborhood? How much money did the City of Alcoa commit to this project? $5 million? More? It was supposed to have mixed-use development as well. Five plus years later, what do they have? Nothing. Disruption for the Jackson Hills community is so far the only result. They had a "plan" to close the Jackson Hills Road entrance into the neighborhood once the project became developed. It's a good thing they didn't since they had to close the main entrance into Pellissipi Place to redo some infrastructure. That's what you call planning.

How much is the City of Alcoa committing to this project? $2 million? $5 million? What result will taxpayers get? Another empty or partially built development like Pellissippi Place, Hamilton Crossing, Hunters Crossing?

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