The residents of the Springbrook community were given three no-win alternatives for access from the new Alcoa West Plant shopping center into the neighborhood. Residents joined together in a successful effort to prevent the developer and the City of Alcoa from making Alcoa Road, which intersects the community and the park, a thoroughfare. They were unsuccessful in convincing these two entities to not provide access to the community from any point.

The City of Alcoa Engineering Department projects 3,400 average daily trips into the community from the new shopping center, just in 2013 when the new development will only be partially built-out. This is approximately a 132 percent increase over current traffic on North Mills Street and a 100 percent increase on Alcoa Road (even with the Alternate A option).

We'll try to obtain the comment sheets so you can read for yourself residents' feeling towards this intrusion. The residents are not opposing growth, they just don't want it to affect their historic, quaint, peaceful, safe neighborhood. The Springbrook community and park are the best the City of Alcoa has to offer.

How is it the developer and the City of Alcoa can get away with not building the requisite roads to allow Springbrook to remain an oasis for the community? Is there anything the residents can do? Anyone to contact? Can this intrusion be stopped? If you have any suggestions, please let us know. In the meantime, write a letter to The Daily Times to express your opinion.

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