Aug 29 2007

By way of Wendy Pitts Reeves, another Blount County Commissioner has started a blog. Go check out Commissioner Mike Walker's blog.

Also, she has an exciting announcement about an event at the courthouse tomorrow.


Suggestion for Mr. Walker

It would be really nice if Mr. Walker's blog could permit comments other than those that come through a Google account. I think he'd get more participation. I know I typed up a whole Thank You note to "comment" to him and then was hit with the Google account wall. Didn't have time to sit and register or to keep up with another account, so I just deleted it all.

Guess he needs a "free

Guess he needs a "free speech zone".

I like this quote:

"Posting this information in a format like this will also allow for public input when it is deemed necessary."

Public input when it is deemed necessary. Interesting way for an elected official to put it.

But at least he's communicating, if it's only one way for now.

And maybe he's not all that blog savvy yet and hasn't figured out that Blogger allows you to configure comments to use Google accounts, Blogger accounts, or "other" where anybody can just enter their comment and contact info if they want.

At any rate, this is a case where it's probably best to encourage and suppport and promote good behavior, and educate on the finer points to help bring them along.


Thanks to both for the comments above, I am a novice when it comes to blogging.

As for the comment "Public comment when deemed necessary" probably should have written "Public comment when it is deemed appropriate", while I respect everyone's opinions, sometimes what comes through is not appropriate for all age groups.

I have chosen to moderate the blog and hope that the number of the number of anonymous comments would be little to none.

But thanks again for the input.



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