According to the Maryville Daily Times,

As of 3pm, July 4, 2020, Blount County, TN, has reported 218 cases of the coronavirus.
7,626 people have been tested.
Thus, 2.9% of people tested have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Blount County’s positive COVID-19 cases nearly doubled in 17 days between June 15 and July 2, rising from 106 cases to 205
On July 1, Blount had 15 more cases than on June 30.
On July 2, Blount had 17 new cases.

There are approximately 133,000 people residing in Blount County, TN.
Thus, 5.7% of the people in Blount County have been tested for the coronavirus.

Three Blount County residents have died from the coronavirus.
The three deaths occurred in the early months of the pandemic.

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