Aug 31 2007

The attendance at last nights swearing in of Michael Meares as our County Circuit Judge was impressive! In all due respect to the Governor, in my opinion, the full chamber went beyond the presence of the states highest ranking elected official being present. This was about good people having an opportunity to be part of and show the whole county - being 'fair and impartial' is what this county desires. Last nights attendance showed that the counties Democrats and Independents have joined and found their voice. This duo has come together to take back the counties pride. Their force will be felt in the 2008 elections. The die-hard Republicans of the county will not be able to take this force for granted in the future! (to use a imfamous phrase of the Prez) "Bring it ON!"


Cool. Anybody got any photos

Cool. Anybody got any photos to post?

long way from the finish line

"Bring it ON!"

I wouldn't break your arm patting yourself on the back. If you show up only for the occasional judge - you will only get the occasional judge. If you want to take back your government, show up at the meetings, and not just the ones that concern the environment or other personal interest.

Commissioner Reeves has a blog that rarely gets more than four replies to a post. Indirectly, most of BC government admits to reading Reeve's blog. Commissioner Ballard has replied to the Overbey post (link...) and still we move on to who is in charge of the United Way. Why is that a surprise to anyone.

For those who don't know, the GOP controls the law, the courthouse, all county finances, the County Commission, the planning commission, the building industry, the Chamber of Commerce, the banks, and most other civic organizations (just to name a few), so why anyone "shocked" is beyond me. Democrats always seems focused on putting out small kitchen fires while the rest of the house is a raging inferno.

It's going to take more than reading the blogs. If you can't make it out, the least you should do is reply to post, and send them to as many others as you can asking them to do the same. You are not going to be represented in the Daily Times, or the Knoxville news outlets, or Blount Today. If your income depended on not pissing off the list I provided above - would you tell the Democrats side?

Showing up for a swearing in ceremony and a little cake afterwards isn't going to cut it. If you really want your government back, show up the way you did yesterday the next time the Mayor takes a Dem off the budget committee or when the sheriff's water carriers attack your most vocal advocate.

Stop bringing knives to gunfights. If you have heavy artillery "Bring it on!" because if you don't use it now, those in charge will try to marginalize your commissioners the way they have done others who have attempted to point out the arrogant and sometimes criminal control of the GOP.

Guilty as charged here

Been so happy to see 3 Democrats on that commission, I forgot there were 18 other seats.

What ARE some ways we could coax more Dems to the regular County Commission meetings? If memory serves, a new chairman will be chosen or re-appointed in the September 20th meeting. Maybe the chairperson for the next year should be Wendy Pitts Reeves or David Ballard! [I'm sure someone will be happy to let us know promptly if my facts are wrong and the chairman is chairman for 4 years.] Maybe a lofty goal, but Fairview is right: We should be working harder for these intermediate goals. Or heck, just not standing idly by congratulating ourselves while they throw tomatoes at the Dems would be an improvement.

If you look at the Commission Committees list here ((link...)), you can see the 3 Democrat Commissioners have been kept off anything to do with money and community planning. Ironically, 4 of 5 commissioners who were placed on the Planning Commission draw at least some of their income from Blount County. The other is himself the owner of a construction company. ((link...)). I have no idea what that means, but thought it interesting.

Dems on the Steps

Have the Dems and like minded Commissioners assemble their "troops" on the steps before the meeting (and maybe after) for explanations of what's going on and what's "really" going on. Tell the people ahead of time, who is going to vote how, why, and what's at stake. People will either begin to think your the reincarnate of Nostradamus or that there truly is something rotten in Denmark.

I could not be any happier

I could not be any happier for Judge Meares. All of us are lucky to have him. It is not every day that the Governor takes the time to swear in an appointee. It is not every day that the Governor even comes to Blount County.

Say... when was the last time the Governor came to Blount County? Anyone?

BlountToday has some good photos of the event. (link...)

Funny that the mayor is not in any of the photos.

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