Sep 7 2007

We have heard a lot about ties between Commissioner Lewis, the Sheriff, and American Fidelity/Green Bank. In fact, if you follow local news and issues, American Fidelity comes up quite a lot (remember the Sports Complex?). So I got a chuckle when the spouse brought me a little fold-over envelope from the County Clerk's office after buying tags for a car. It seems to be what the receipt comes in, because it is only 4x2. One side of the envelope has the Realty III Logo, phone number, address, and website (I think this is owned by Darrell Tipton, occasional candidate for various offices and recently added to the Public Building Authority by County Mayor Jerry Cunningham). The other side says "Compliments of American Fidelity Bank" and has the logo and phone number. On the inside, it says "Roy Crawford Jr., Blount County Clerk, yada yada yada."

Given all the money that the county keeps in American Fidelity Bank, I'm hoping these little gems were free to the county! Pretty good advertising; but how much is too much when it comes to the county gov't advancing the interests of business? Would other banks and realty companies have liked for every vehicle owner in the county to have been exposed to *their* names and logos? (Or maybe this is a cyclical thing and companies take turns?)

What are your thoughts?

county advertising

I think it's a crock of shit. It's been going on for awhile. I think this should be brought up to the ethics committee.

A bad mix

I second Farmers take. Before someone from the county replies to say they get those for no cost, let me tell you the cost. When government gets in bed with business - both become illegitimate. Truth be told, Lewis should not only have had the foresight not to run - the election commission should a pulled his application for the seat when he listed his conflicts. Or did he list them?

Be looking for a move of the general fund to the Patriot Bank. The best way to take the heat off Lewis/American Fidelity/Green Bank is to put this in the bank Simerly runs. Anyone know who owns that bank? What happened to Simerly's dream of running a ballpark?

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