Sep 27 2007
By: Fairview Angel  shortURL

These aren't the mountains you remember as a child? Apparently, shit flows uphill.

This is Sevier County. But it shouldn't be OVERLOOKed here in Blount.



Those cabins look like tumors choking the life from the mountainside! It reminds me of the site of a ravaged mountain that overlooks Caton's Chapel in Sevier. If I find the photo, I'll post it.

This community deserves so much more. RebelDog is correct. Position yourself to save Blount's resources from further development. When the view is gone there will be no reason for tourists to visit here. flows to Townsend. Literally.

If you don't like what's happened in the next valley over the mountain known as Wears, then you should start paying attention to what is going on right here in Blount County.

How many of you have had the misfortune of seeing the mountainside raped in the Laurel Valley Community near Townsend? Funny... I haven't heard anything about it on here.

Have you not seen where some fool has built a cabin up on what locals call the "Pinnacle"? Hadn't heard anybody blog about that either.

Have you had an opportunity to see whats going on up in the Carrs Creek area of Townsend? Hmmmmmmmmmm... Nothing on that either.

Have you seen what the Mayor of Townsend (Shannan Skidmore) has done inside the city of Townsend? Hadn't heard anything about the Mayor's out-houses (Tri-County Portables)??? Real pride in the community from this guy I tell ya! His storage lot is right next to a proposed area that the city of Townsend has designated for a "Welcome to Townsend" sign.

I guess they can change the slogan of the city of Townsend from "The peaceful Side of the Smokies" to "The Shitty Side of the Smokies".

Before we start paying too much attention to what HAS HAPPENED in Wears Valley, we need to start paying attention to what IS HAPPENING in our OWN Blount County Mountain Community: Tuckaleechee Cove.

I realize it's upsetting for most folks (including myself) to see these beautiful mountains where we grew up destroyed just so some rich fat cat from FL(who is originally from NY) can spend 4 months out of the year vacationing here while the rest of us have to deal with the fact that the ridgetop beauty has been destroyed just to make some mega-rich Blount Countian richer.

I understand. I feel your pain. Destroying the beauty of my hometown makes me fightin' mad, too. Literally.........

But we have to stop spending so much time on what HAS happened and start spending more time on PREVENTING this underhandedness in the future in our OWN backyard.

It starts with getting the Vulcan Materials/APAC/Harrisons/Blalock and the Development/Republican crowd out of office. These two groups are actually one-in-the-same. I just listed the two groups in that manner so as not to be too confusing for those of you not from Blount County and to point out the two factions of criminals in government.

Trust me....................I have been connecting the dots for several years now and know these folks inside and out. They made alot of money in Wears Valley and now they've moved on to Tuckaleechee Cove. I've even heard talk about the "Gateway Community" idea again.

You should check out the new proposed 66 condominium complex in Townsend known as "The Reserve". That's right! 66 condominiums in Townsend. Thank the universe for the housing market crash; Woodland Homes hasn't sold a single condo yet. Serves them right. I hope they go bankrupt.

We need to spend more time actually fighting and a little less time whining. We're not going to change things if we don't show a little sand.

Just so you know, I'm agreeing with you fairview angel......I just got a little worked up and had to write my thoughts down before they made my head explode.LOL

I hope that my rant has provided a thought outside of the box for a change.

"Slight not what's near, while aiming at what's far."
-Euripides 484-406 BC


Rebeldog, is the "Pinnacle" that spot over Nawger Nob where that monstrosity recently appeared?

Also, is the Reserve the one on Wears Valley Road?

"I think it would be a good idea."
-Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization

Yes and No.

Yes, the "pinnacle" is the knob behind Nawger Nob. There was a big flat place on top where I and other people used to camp. It was a great place to build a big warm fire and count the stars.

Now, the view is completely destroyed.

Now, all we have to look at is this psycopath's security lights on his cabin instead of the stars. I guess he/she likes the ridiculous and un-needed lights on the bike trail, too.

Why do all these people who come here think that they have to light up the world at night? What the hell are they scared of? Are they scared of actually SEEING the stars?!

Just one more beautiful spot destroyed for no good reason.

No, the RESERVE is the condo development across from NAWGER NOB. The one with all the ILLEGAL SIGNS out front.

You wouldn't believe some of the stuff that Woodland Homes and Tommy Enos were allowed to do by the city of Townsend. From what I understand, some of the people on the Townsend Planning Commission have now invested in the development. Imagine that.

I hate a thief, but...,

(link...) maybe when the economy gets so wrecked that lumber becomes a commodity worth stealing, these mountain mini hotels will start coming down as fast as they go up. Speaking of mini hotels - how are these "cabins" taxed?

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