Oct 8 2007

The most wonderful time of year is here! Festival season! With so many to choose from I thought it would be nice to hear opinions on some of the ones coming up this month. These two are my favorites.

Museum of Appalachia Fall Homecoming October 11, 12, 13, and 14


Music, music, fine crafts and more music. My favorite is James Garland, master of the gourd instrument. That man makes gourds sing. You will have to beg him to sell you one of his CDs.

Mountain Makin's, Rose Center, Morristown October 27 and 28


This event has music but the level of the fine art and craft is outstanding. Civil war reenactors, story tellers and local authors make this a wonderful event. I just wish we had a Rose Center here in Maryville. Their programs and class offerings are outstanding and affordable.

Haven't been to either of

Haven't been to either of these. Never heard of the event in Morristown. Considered the Norris event several times, just haven't made it up there. A lot of things are going on in the East TN area in the fall. It's hard to get to them all.

M of A

The Fall Homecoming in Norris is very unique. You can walk the entire 60 acre area, stop for awhile to listen to each band/act and then do it all over again to see different groups/acts. If there is an open porch or shady tree and two people have instruments, well, they just start playing and may soon be joined by many others.

As a vendor it was awesome because the music came to me instead of me leaving my booth to go to the action.

Well worth the $25 admission price. At least I think it is $25. Just don't go on Weds which is student day.

I hope Elrod goes because I would love to read his review on this.

It's been years

It's been years since I've been to the Museum of Applachia, but it was really fun back then. For me, I always loved the Border Collie sheep herding demonstration. Those dogs are great.... lol. (As someone who has BC mixes.)

I've seen pictures of the Morristown event. Did you know we have a Bount County Civil War reenactment group? Some of them have participated in the Morristown event as well as other events like the opening of the Blount County Historical Museum.
They, The Blount County Civil War Roundtable, are going to be out at Paws in the Park cooking like they did last year. But this year, some of them are coming in period clothing... Civil War uniforms and some of the women in hoop skirts. They are also bringing their cannon (which was in the Gatlinburg Parade) and maybe some of their other Civil War artifacts. (link...)
But don't worry, they will not be firing anything at the park.... cannon or guns. They are respectful of all the dogs.


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