Well Mello, it's true there

Well Mello, it's true there will be development down that stretch. Friendsville wants the money and maryville has the annexations all the way to friendsville line. Maryville wants all the commercial dollars, but do not want to annex all the subdivisions that they approve.

The sad fact is that only

The sad fact is that only actual Friendsville residents get any say in the Friendsville Council. I may live out in Friendsville but not the city proper. Hence, I can only complain about Blount County matters.

I swear, I know I read the Friendsville Mayor resigned not too long ago. Yes, it was mid August.

Friendsville Mayor Don Parkins is resigning his office effective Monday.
He has been active in Friendsville government in various capacities for over six years.

friendsville commission,

friendsville commission, blount county officials dont have a dog in that fight. but curious to wonder why noone goes to these other commissions and voice thier own opinions or on these blogs, but just go after one commission and thats all they care to blast. so as to which mayor you are referring to mello I do not know.

wonder why noone has

wonder why noone has protested the friendsville commissions with them having dollar general building on 321 the real scenic highway??? just a thought as to why noone says anything about that?

boo hoo bullshit

boo hoo bullshit "frown"

Dear Anonymous

Please feel free to protest anything you like!

I find a lot of folks rely on others to do that sort of thing, while they themselves are relaxing in the comfort of their own home. Safe in the belief that someone else has it well in hand.

When did that happen?

When did that happen? Before or after our Mayor resigned?

Trader Joe's

What's it going to take to get a Trader Joe's here (could even be in Knoxville for that matter)? I sure would enjoy!

Also, I would like to see an Aldi's - I miss it! Not only for their great deals on some great food, but for the cameras, computers, tools, toys, etc. that they sell. Warehouse type atmosphere with most brands you have never seen - but - they are their own brand and they are GOOD! Aldi's began in Germany and has some of the largest stores in Germany for years. Trader Joe's and Aldi's and I would be in heaven ;-)


They came this close < ... > to getting an Aldi in Oak Ridge this summer. They could not work out the site requirements at that time.

Most folks hear Aldi and thing Dollar General and as you well know, they are not at all the similiar.

While we are at it... give me a Meijer's!

Fresh Market is the only

Fresh Market is the only store already in the area, thus more likely to add a store in Blount County.

Earth Fare may be expensive. Fresh Market is not cheap.

Wild Oats is the only other store, that I can find, that has a location in TN. Again, more likely to add a store in Blount County.

Blount County is not yet, IMO, one of those places that would attract the first entry into the state for many types of businesses.

one of those places that

one of those places that would attract the first entry

and let's hope that it never is one of those places.......

Fresh Market, not a

Fresh Market, not a favorite.

There is a southwest store that is a cross between Odd Lots and Wild Oats called Sunflower Farmer's Market. (link...) I say OddLots because they run specials on what is available when it is in season or on special purchase. I miss that store more than TJs or WO.

We're a two-Walmart community

There are no places in Blount County that offer a decent array of whole, organic, and natural foods year-round. I'd love to have seen any of the poll options brought in, but instead, we have yet another Walmart.

If I haven't listed your favorite healthy place to shop, please leave a comment and tell us about it. Guess I should have included an "other" option.

I did fail to list "Earth Faire". I love it, but it is so unbelievably expensive.

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