Oct 15 2007

Sorry to start another thread on you Grumpy, but I wasn't sure how to enter the pics otherwise. This is what Vulcan does for residents of Windsor Park and Windsor Manor.

This has been a problem for years. What used to be clear lake and stream bottoms are now covered in silt from Vulcan. This is not a problem with TDEC. It's an issue that those that control the quarry also control the local government up to senators and congressman. Needless to say, local politicians also feel the control of the same family connections.

The same people who want us addicted to oil for another millennium, hope to still be providing the rock for outdated road technology over the same period.

All these things seem contrary to the environmental standards their corporate website promotes; (link...)

Please select the attachments section below to see the damage

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The Neighborhood Bully

The 2020 meeting with representatives from the quarry was interesting. I attended to get an opportunity to voice my concerns over the damage that I was seeing done to Duncan Branch. It became very clear that the only reason Vulcan attended was to push their agenda for westward expansion.

When anyone voiced a complaint about the truck traffic, dust, noise, blasting, or environmental destruction, it was like a broken record:

"We were here first."
"We meet all state regulations."

And my favorite, which in my opinion was a thinly-veiled threat:

"We are only blasting at 0.10 the limit allowed by law."

So, go home and shut up or your walls are *really* gonna rattle. Some good neighbor.

Artful dodgers they are

In my previous post I forgot to mention another of my favorite responses. If you complain to a quarry rep about the trucks, the response is "Those are not our trucks."

They don't accept responsibility for any of the detrimental effects they have on our community.

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