Nov 3 2007
By: tootiepang  shortURL

I have been blogging for sometime now concerning corruptness in the local government and BC Republican/Developer party.

The only problem is that most of you folks haven't seen any of it because it's not on this thread.

I promise I'll start blogging on Blount Views also from now on. Right now, I have an issue with Townsend Chief of Police Ron "Spanky" Suttles who has consistly misrepresented state law in every instance where I've had any dealings with him.

I filed a "Formal Complaint" with Mayor Shannan Skidmore on Nov. 1 concerning Spanky's misrepresentaion of a burn-ban which DOES NOT INCLUDE CAMPFIRES. He also LIED about a telephone call with the TN State Forestry people who actually have the jurisdiction.

Depending on how this situation plays out, I may just decide to blister CHIEF SPANKY on this site and let the public know about all the things that have happened concerning this individual through the years.

If you think that the BCSO is bad, you should see what Spanky has pulled off.

My other posts can be found on the, a national blog. I just wanted to help out the local crooks in office with their development interests by informing people about what is going on here before they decide to buy a house and move here.

Do you think they appreciate that? LMFWAO! (SARCASM)

If you would like to see some of my rants, simply go to and do a search on Blount County.

You may not agree, but you will certainly be entertained. I got a feeling however, that my rants are just what you've been waiting on for a long time.


It would really help

It would really help if you stick to the facts.

Since the new state mandated ethics policies anyone can file a complaint with your city/county/state commission. Unlike some in BC, we need to do things the proper way.

What is really interesting is that there is movement afoot on a state level to help citizens understand just what a conflict of interest is and how to go about filing such complaints. How cool is that? Little guys stepping up to help other little guys fight the big machines.

Stick to the facts?

Obviously you are confused concerning this thread.

This has nothing to do with the new ethics legislation. It has everything to do with "unethical" behavior, just not the new state legislation.

I am very aware of the new legislation and have received a copy of this bill from my State Senator Doug Overbey.

Believe me when I tell you that I've already picked up 9 complaint forms from Betsy Cunningham's office. I am very aware of what "conflict of interest is" and need no schooling on this topic from you or anybody else.

In a nut shell.......I'm way ahead of you.

Now, back to the "facts" of this thread.................

Police and other law enforcement aren't supposed to operate outside the law.

The "formal complaint" process was in place in Townsend long before the new state ethics legislation was passed.

This situation has nothing to do with "conflict of interest."

I appreciate your advice, but maybe next time you could stick to the topic: POLICE OPERATING OUTSIDE THE BOUNDS OF THE LAW IN BLOUNT COUNTY AND THE SURROUNDING MUNICIPALITIES.

Chief Ron Suttles misrepresented a mandated burn ban which did not apply to campfires. Then he lied about speaking to the State Forestry Office about the situation. His motivation is still yet to be explained for this behavior.

He broke TCA 39-16-402 concerning "Official Misconduct" in the process which IS a criminal act and most definitely prosecutable. Maybe this is the part that you are talking about concerning the new legislation. Yo no se'.

It is my opinion that he just didn't want to admit he was wrong. We've seen him pull this stuff before now. Like I said, this isn't the first time he has misrepresented the very law that he is sworn to uphold.

There were several other people in Townsend who spoke with the same Forestry Office that day and I have been in touch with these folks. Hopefully, Mayor Skidmore will find time do the right thing and discipline this individual. We have contacted a lawyer in Knoxville and plan on litigation if this situation is not handled properly within the City of Townsend government.

I've been fighting the big political elitist machine for sometime now and yes, it is a really COOL thing that people are just starting to see what kind of underhandedness and wickedness goes on in a county where the development industry IS the government.

On a lighter note............

We had a nice big campfire last night and looked at the stars until nearly 2:00 AM in the heart of the Townsend City Limits without any BS from our local fuzz.

I am building a fire pit on my property next to the road and my neighbor is building one also. We're just trying to prove a point.

Sooner or later, hopefully sooner, Chief Ron Suttles will be brought to answer for his inconsistencies and double standards concerning his style of law enforcement which obviously doesn't apply to everyone.

If we get any more crap from him, his stormtroopers will be charged with trespassing and harassment; and I will see to it that he is also brought to justice in a court of law. A subsequent lawsuit will be filed at that time against whoever drops the ball within Townsend government concerning this situation. I mean it.


fighting the good fight

welcome whoeveryouare,

thanks for battling campfires in townsend. i can see this is just the tip of the iceberg. keep us posted!

Comprehension a problem?

I'm not battling campfires. I am trying to preserve my right to have a campfire and look at the stars at night. Have I not been clear? Did the Latin throw you off???

What I am battling is a Chief of Police that misrepresents the law.

The burn ban DOES NOT INCLUDE SMALL CAMPFIRES although the Townsend Chief of Police keeps saying so, misrepresenting the actual law and harrassing us for having a campfire in the process.

What part of this do you folks not understand???!!!

Reading all of the thread is part of comprehending what this blog is all about.

Again, I appreciate the pat on the back, but I AM NOT FIGHTING AGAINST PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO HAVE A CAMPFIRE.

I am fighting for my right to do what I have done all my life: enjoying a campfire on a cold clear night and watching the stars!!!



Just pullin your chain friend. You should move to the county - we have campfires all the time with no problem.

Tell us some juicy Townsend police stories so I can tell them around my campfire.

Thanks for posting!

I did live in the county......................

I did live in the county until the city of Townsend illegally took me in.

After illegally taking me in, the city started an agenda geared towards the development and tourist industry. I don't rely on either for my money. I was raised to be a much more self-sufficient person than that.

This is a very serious thing to me. I'm sure that my family has been here much longer than most folks on this blog.

I'm not a NEO-Soc or NEO-Con. I'm just a local guy who is tired of overzealous law enforcement and other government. So when I take the time to come onto this thread to "chime in" and feel like I've been made fun of, it makes me mad.


So tell me where you have your campfires and I'll tell you where I have mine and we can discuss Blount County face-to-face. CAPEESH?




So tell me where you have your campfires and I'll tell you where I have mine and we can discuss Blount County face-to-face. CAPEESH?

Are your threatening participants at this site with physical violence? Just asking.

People??? No, just you.

Where in this thread do you see anything about "physical violence"?

Are you a pacifist? Maybe that's why local government is running wild with conflict of interest.

No threat, I'm just a little tired of your babbling about civility.

Be careful..........if you're accusing me of some sort of physical threat, you did so in writing. That's called liable.

Now here's some advice for you, either comment on the issue or find somebody else to bait into a confrontation.

See ya!

See ya!

Adding to the law

I like your attitude, it seem that our government sometimes creates laws that are not part of our code. In Pigeon Forge, the police issue tickets to hot rodders for no light on their license plate, something Tennessee does not require. Years ago a resident of Gatlinburg would taxi his plane (wings removed) downtown to the local pub during the off season. The police could never find any law he was breaking, but told him they would impound his plane next time.

Tennessee defines real estate, yard sale, political, and all off site signs as billboards, but they refuse to enforce the law. It's illegal to place political signs on the state right of way, but no one will enforce the law. TDOT just ignores the calls and letters until the elections is over.

Farragut violates the TCA on the right to farm, but what farmer can afford to fight them.

I had friend who made large campfires with brush, and he always had hotdogs or burgers close by just in case the police asked about the fire.


Thanks tootiepang. I for one appreciated your incite.

People on this blog just do not have the backbone that you do obviously.

Only a COWARD such as RNeal would have taken that last jab like he did.

You proved your point, tootiepang. Now be sure and blister Rneal and his website knoxviews on the the ripoffreport.

I thought these folks were bunch of "fruitcakes" for a long time.


Thanks tootiepang. I for one

Thanks tootiepang. I for one appreciated your incite.

Great choice of words, Anon 110607 22:10

incite v.t. <-cit-ed, -cit-ing> 1. to stimulate to action; urge on; stir up.

speaking of fruitcakes

you make up the ingredients.

Looks like tootiepang was right!

Check out the article in the Nov 23 edition of the Daily Times concerning the Townsend Commission meeting.

He was correct to call out Ron "Spanky" Suttles for being an embocile and stooge.

Sounds to me like the Townsend City Commission completely dropped the ball and obviously hired an idiot a police chief.

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