Dec 10 2007
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This e-mail was sent to me today by a friend who lives off Louisville Road in Alcoa.

Hi everyone,
My daughter in law Amber went to Walmart tonight to get some bread and some milk when she came out to get in her car a man grabbed her by her arm . This was about 10:30 she screamed real loud for him to let go and he did and ran, I told her he was probably looking for a purse with money but she rarely carries one and didn't tonight, but that is a good time to grab a woman's purse when we are getting in our cars. If he had wanted her he would have just pushed her on in the car. Please be extra careful out there there are alot of scum-buckets out there and then alot of people hurting for money just watch your step.

Everyone is shopping this time of year so be alert!


Thanks for the alert. I

Thanks for the alert. I don't shop at WalMart, but this type of attack is not unique to one type of store or one type of shopping experience. I wonder if it is unique to late night shopping.

on purses

Why do gals put their purses in the buggy and wander away from said buggy? Lala la, dee dee dum dum...

An older lady told me once...

...that she always uses the child straps on the shopping cart to strap her purse on to the cart. Sounded like a good idea to me.

I've been boycotting Walmart for a couple of years due to their business practices and the desire to buy local [yokel!]; anyone else here participate?

I have avoided Walmart for

I have avoided Walmart for years, as I too, dislike their business practices and the crowds and the parking and and and... I just don't like the place.

I learned to keep my purse on my shoulder or in my hand after moving to New Jersey to live a few years back in the late 70's. My friends there looked at me like I was completely crazy leaving my purse in the buggy!

WalMart as a sporting event

I admit we as a family do enjoy doing the WalMart spin once or twice a year just to see the people shopping there. Call it a social studies lesson. How can they sell a toaster for sixty-two cents children?


Maybe we could ask Michael Moore to do a story on why Americans love WalMart. Doesn't WalMart create "local" jobs and a boost to our economy?

They also run mom and pop

They also run mom and pop business out of business and take huge profits out of state that would stay here if we still had mom and pop businesses.

good ole mom and pop

I thought profits from sales stayed in state, either way the City of Alcoa was said
to have lost a chunk of revenue in sales tax due to the Maryville store's opening. If WalMart is
to blame for running mom and pop stores out then we should also include all the other
grocery stores, all the clothing store, Target, KMart, etc.

I read this yesterday from a technical website:

"Is WalMart good for America and small business? Watch what happens over the next couple
of years with Google and small business. I work in the Information Technology world
so I have to read a lot of technical articles that deal with new and developing
technology. If you think Walmart hurt the little hardware store with its low prices
wait till you hear what Google is working on and already has in the beta testing phase.

In the not too distant future your cell phone will be equiped with a bar code reader
and the cell phone will be linked to a live Google Product database. Here is how it
works. Lets say you are out shopping for a new camera, you find the camera you like
in a store, you whip out your cellphone and scan the manufactures barcode and hit
send. Google lets you see the lowest prices for that item within 20 miles (you can
set the distance). Need to get to the store with the price you like, google will
send turn by turn directions to your cell phone. This will spell disaster for the
mom and pop stores that can not buy in volume so they do not have the margins that
the big box stores enjoy.

This technology should eventually make all stores that survive maintain very
competitive prices. If someone offers you a product that is $10 cheaper and
only a block away they may get your business. Price competition should really
heat up once this technology becomes mainstream.

Soon folks will find a reason to blame Google for ruining America."

Lower and lower prices

Lower and lower prices increase the need for undocumented workers in the US and child labor sweatshops overseas. I'll spend my dollar elsewhere. Not at Walmart.
In order to meet the low costs of Walmart, everything is made cheaper using lower quality products.
I have seen this first hand as my employer was a big supplier to Walmart for years. Now we are getting away from them little by little so we may return to producing quality and take pride in what we produce.
One good thing is the Walmart way forces companies to get lean and efficient which eliminates waste.
As far as Google.. it sounds like a good idea for pricing but a lot like Big Brother is watching and recording every detail of our lives.

Everything is made cheaper?

I didn't know that Coke Cola could be made cheaper just for walmart, or Tyson chicken, or any brand name for that matter. If your saying walmart is is having them make cheaper lower quality products, who says kroger, foodcity isn't doing the same? I'm not buying that load of bs. I think Walmart can buy products cheaper because they buy more bulk product than anyone other retailer, thus saving the comsumer money. But this is America and we can choose to shop where we please.

You should read

You should read this:


Did you read the other link I posted?

Get back to us when you have completed your homework assignments!

Sounds like a good deal on pickles

Thanks for the reading material. I will read a bit more before I comment.

From my experience working

From my experience working for a Walmart supplier, yes, cheaper plastics, cheaper materials all the way around because Walmart would tell us what they would pay for our product. They had little concern as to what it cost our company to produce the product. None of our other customers make such demands and they are "big box" companies also.
I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, folks but I know what I know.


Check the serial number for products at any big box store and compare it to a local store for a product that appears the same. I know I saved on a name brand lawn mower, but when the engine shaft bent, I soon discovered it had a different engine than the one at the local hardware store. After that mistake, I purchased another lawn mower at the local store. Appliances are made just for the big box stores, once again check the stock number and compare it to the local store.

Some background on Wal*Mart

Some background on Wal*Mart you might find illuminating:


Wal-Mart drives down wages

Wal-Mart drives down wages and employment in retail. See (link...)

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