Dec 11 2007
By: R. Neal  shortURL

From the "unintended benefits of global warming" department, was it a glorious day in Blount Co. or what? It was 80 degrees at our house earlier today. On December 11th. At 5PM, it was still 72 degrees at Springbrook Park. A few more photos after the jump...

Did I mention it was a perfect 72 degrees? On Dec. 11th?

Jogging in shorts. (I was also wearing shorts and a t-shirt when I took this photo)

Another jogger in shorts

Pupster likes this weather, too

We don't need no foot bridge. We're kids!

A "pickup" game of croquet in the park


Don't get too comfy!

I remember once when I was a kid that it got up to something like 78 one Saturday. We were out playing badminton in shorts - barefoot. The next day, it snowed 4 inches!

the pupster looks great!

The pup sure looks like she is enjoying the day!

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