Dec 14 2007

The Maryville Daily Times responds to Blount Mayors:

We merely seek to cover the news and information relating to Blount County so that readers can draw their own conclusions and make intelligent decisions about the issues facing them. Doing these things makes us a positive force in the community to which we aspire every day.

There's lots more.


Big Yawn

Whatever. That ain't no Dixie Chicks style statement since it seems the boys are ready to make nice. Back to bed Blount County- nothing to see here.....

???????, ??????? (? ???????????) Gosh, I can't post Russian text for Go Back to Sleep......

Pot calling the Kettle Black

from: Mayors fire volley at newspaper

"The economic news of stock reductions for all casual dining restaurants, including Ruby’s, seems to have shone a light of opportunity for sensational news centering on that company."

Would you care to guess under whose Economic Policies this tragedy happened? $1.40 / gallon (huge Texo-Fascist profits) in 2000, to $3.00 / gallon (obscene Texo-Fascist profits) in 2007. Whose boys are reaping a Roman Orgy over the demise of other industries? The fact that Restaurants are hurting due to Folks not being able to afford to drive at their leisure anymore, points to ONE Party, and their ignorance of the Domino effect of catering to one industry, no matter what the cost.

"corporate citizens"

And now, to the root of ALL of our country's and county's woes. Corporate Personhood. I am NOT against Corporations nor anyone making a profit. But, it is wrong that a Corporation is given ALL of the rights that a person has.

viva Evo Morales

Mayor defending RT

Since when is it the job of the Mayor to make excuses to the stockholders for a private company's poor performance? Can you imagine the uproar in Congress if the President were to make excuses for Walmart's poor performance.

If you are reading this Jerry, please be reminded that the County has some serious problems. Stick to trying to solve those.

Taking the high road...

You have to admit, this response was much more civil that the one Cunningham convinced the other two mayors to sign. No matter how you feel about its coverage, at least the DT made an effort to admit its staff is not perfect. The powers that be in this community would NEVER admit a mistake even when the pile they dumped is steaming and has their names carved in it!
Take, for example, today's letter entry by Sheriff's Asst. Chief Jeff French. (link...)
He, who collects a handsome salary from the county taxpayers, takes issue with a community activist who questions pay raises within the BCSO. He seems a little sensitive on this issue, doesn't he? He opines that King and others should have more "guts." Well, might I ask where his "guts" reside? He's watched (and in some cases participated in) many a professional wrong-doing within the walls of the BCSO, yet he's not had the guts to step forward and right the wrongs. He could. But, he doesn't. So, perhaps French should look around for his own courage, or perhaps he sold-out on that long ago.
Meanwhile, surely we can applaud anyone, or organization that admits mistakes and takes on the continuous task of self-improvement.

Is it just me or...

is the BCSO only willing to speak to citizens who'll come to them?

Furthermore, Mrs. King has been invited to the Sheriff’s Office on numerous occasions to discuss any and all issues she or the group which she “represents” may have.

Has Mr. French also offered to go to her?

You have to admit, this

You have to admit, this response was much more civil that the one Cunningham convinced the other two mayors to sign.


Could that be because

Could that be because JC is a one term mayor and the paper hopes to live on forever?

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