Dec 31 2007

What are your predictions for Blount County for 2008?

Here's mine:

Blount County Mayor Jerry Cunningham will resign and open a sensitivity and anger management training school, and Judge W. Dale Young will step down from the bench and start an immigration law firm offering free services for "illegals".



Mine is not as good as yours but here it is.

In 2008 the Blount County Good Old Boys Network will see unprecedented opposition to their style of doin' bid'ness behind closed doors and on open patios. To retaliate this uprising they will have to resort to all kinds of name callin' and tomfoolery which will only make their dirty dealin's all worse.

It other words kids, the fun* has not yet begun.

Year of the Paranoid ... again

I believe that there will be an invasion of Blount County by Gay Illegal Russian Immigrants, that'll break into everyone's houses, steal everyone's Guns, and force the homeowners to watch Gay marriages on their own front lawns, while they burn American Flags at the reception. Then, and only then, will Republican Jesus' brother, Mike Huckabee, descend from the heavens, and will offer all non-neocon believers a chance to redeem themselves, at His feet. Local Party officials will rejoice, as they find out that Global Warming was merely a Left Wing conspiracy designed to destroy Commerce. Iraq will give away ALL of their Oil to Chevron, BP, Shell, and Exxon; and the price at the pump will miraculously drop to $0.90 / gallon. Iraqis will celebrate in the streets, tossing chocolates and flowers to everyone, as they wave their G. W. Busche posters in the air. Baghdad will be renamed New Crawford, in honour of the Crusading King of America.

viva Evo Morales


The predominately republican government will keep us in chains, do business they want to, and lie to us....

Sorry to be a realist....


Yes, I agree and digress. I do predict that next year, we'll be 20 inches down in rainfall--at least. Skeptics will claim it's a cyclic phenomenon, until the following year, when all the Mountain Top dwelling folk will be forced to import drinking and non-potable water, after they realize their Wells can't be drilled deep enough.

Water Crisis Scenarios For The US Southeast

viva Evo Morales


...when all the Mountain Top dwelling folk will be forced to import drinking and non-potable water, after they realize their Wells can't be drilled deep enough.

You mean when all the mountaintop dwelling folk sue the county to drag water lines up the mountain to service them.

How funny. "Back in the day"

How funny. "Back in the day" these areas were populated by moonshiners and other types of folks hiding from the law and such and now everyone wants to live there. Who'd a thunk it??? LOL
I liked BL's remarks on another post about the sewer systems ansd septic tanks delighting residents living below who have well water!
Another year watching our beautiful mountains being raped.

Hey R!

You going to make a few predictions for 2010?

Hah! My guess, but not

Hah! My guess, but not putting words in his mouth, the prediction for 2010 is more of the same.

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