Jan 10 2008
When: Thu. January 1, 1970 12:00 AM

The Fur Ball was a Great Success!

The Bouffants put on a rocking good show that got everyone up and shaking it! We had some great donated items that brought lots of interest and helped make a lot of money for the new animal center.

Just wait til next year!

Let’s Raise the Woof

SIX o’Clock ON The Evening of
February 23RD, 2008 at ROYAL OAKS COUNTRY CLUB
A Night Featuring
A Cocktail Party & Silent Auction, a Gourmet Dinner,
and Entertainment & Dancing
Entertainment Provided by the Bouffants

For tickets call 982-0500 Nelson Realtors
Mail TO
C/O Fur Ball
PO BOX 7218
Maryville, TN 37802

Tickets Available FOR $100
Benefitting: Smoky Mountain Animal Care Foundation

Oooh, thanks so much for

Oooh, thanks so much for that photo of Doug Nelson dancing. Need to print that out...

Fur Ball was a success

If you'd like to see more pictures from the fun event, check out the comments on the Smacf My Space. (link...)


Fur Ball is sold out

It is official! The Fur Ball is sold out. Better luck next year. You are missing a barking good time. We plan to Raise the Woof!

One of our members was talking to his Memphis office, and they were shocked that we were able to get The Bouffants. They are a sell-out in Memphis and are very hard to get. Special thanks to Julie Nelson for getting them to come to Blount County.

Later in the spring, we will be having some more events for the building of the new shelter. So next time get your orders in early.


Tickets are about gone!

Just got an email from Julie Nelson, and she said the tickets are about gone. If you haven't received confirmation on your tickets, you better check with Julie. And if you haven't sent your money in, you better check to see if you still have tickets.


BTW, Looking for Corporate Sponsors

Oh, yes, I forgot to say, they are also looking for corporate sponsors. So if you know of a business that wants to help a good cause and get some great press, let me know.


Got an email from Julie

I got an email earlier from Julie, and she said she remembered most of the music coming from the 70's. She did remember them coming out singing "Devil with the Blue Dress On." lol

Julie thought the picture was from someone in Chris Protzman's graphic department. Chris, besides being the president of Smoky Mountain Animal Care Foundation, is also Vice President/ General Manager of Journal Broadcast-Knoxville Operation. They have four of the radion stations in Knoxville.

Hey, a bunch of you from Blount Views should get together and get a table!! Julie is hoping to see some of you.


The Bouffants


Found this on them. Julie Nelson has seen them and said they were really good. You couldn't sit still when they were singing. You had to get up and dance.

From the web site, I'd guess 50-60s and some 70s.


Thanks. I like their style.

Thanks. I like their style.

Saw the ad in the MDT

Saw the ad in the MDT yesterday. Great art work. Who's the artist?

What kind of music do the Bouffants play? My guess is 50's and 60's.

Tickets are going

Just to let you know, our tickets are really selling. Already over half are sold. So make your reservations now.

Also some great auction items are being offered. More about that later.

And the band, the Bouffants from Memphis, are said to be really good. They come out with big bouffants, wearing prom dresses. And you find it really hard to keep your feet still. Sounds like a fun time.


Fur Ball. Raise the Woof. I

Fur Ball. Raise the Woof. I like it! Very creative.

Here's your chance Randy-

To bid on one of my lovely works of art :-) If you are going, I will donate a light colored piece. If not, I have a piece in black with stained silver that I am going to donate to the auction.

Terry- let me know when they will be having the Flea Disco, that is a bit more my speed.

Then again, if a certain photographer donates one of his works I might just have to go to the Ball.

What is a bit of persuasion among friends, eh?

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