Jan 16 2008
By: ABlevins  shortURL

Buenos dias, ya'll.

What we are concerned about is extreme situations,” Grinberg said. “We filed one suit on behalf of employees who were fired for speaking Spanish in the break room, talking to family members on the phone, and in another case saying ’good morning’ in the parking lot.”

How offensive...say "good morning" in another language... how dare they...

I dare say that other languages have been spoken in this country since we became a country. Early Indians sometimes learned to speak in French, Spanish and/or English as all three languages were spoken in this country.

It makes it more difficult to raise children who are not racists or xenophobic when this type of thinking abounds in Tennessee.

I am beginning to feel completely disgusted by all this, and ashamed of us for being so narrow minded.

Let me see, no ESL classes, but speak English only.

If I move to New York will they pass a law that I cannot speak with my East Tennessee accent?

I am thinking that all are tiring of this topic and I am becoming tired of fighting redneck thinking. I want to crawl back into my rental home, where I don't pay enough taxes, shut up, and watch Tennessee regress.

Not just Spanish

Alexander, a Maryville native, explained his reasons for sponsoring the legislation by saying, “It devalues our language and damages this country when you tell a shoe shop owner in Tennessee that he can’t create a rule requiring his employees to speak the English language.

Translated- It makes me mad when they talk in a language I can't understand because I just KNOW they are talking about me!

Denso executives traveling here for business- beware!
Visiting professors at UT-beware!
The 19 plus unique Pueblos of NewMexico who have been Americans long before Cade's Cove was overrun by white folks- beware!

I do however wish they would pass a law that requires local elected officials to speak in a form of English understandable by all.

It is Redneck Pandering

It is Redneck Pandering Season (aka Election Season) for Lamar, who still seems to realize that he really is not a Good Old Boy no matter how hard he tries.

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