Jan 18 2008

Given some of the recent discussions here, you might find this interesting.


Guess that proves blogs

Guess that proves blogs drive news, instead of following news.

Seems to me . . .


As I recall, our Mr. Neal was quoted directly from his blog comments in a local newspaper article in late 2007. Surely, more comments from blogs will make their inevitable way into the mainstream reporting process.


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Food for thought...

Sometime back I was contacted by a local report who had read what I had posted here. They said "It was a slow news I thought I would see what was on the blog".

It does have a impact...sometimes...


It was a slow news day....

Where does one get "fast" news? Marian "no further details available" O'Briant? Dave "moot point" Bennett. Jerry "that's old news" Cunningham? James "we're not here to discuss that" Berrong? The Daily "we'll retract it if you don't like it" Times or Blount "A-list" Today?

I've always thought the truth normally lies somewhere in between two sides. Maybe someday the GOP will use your blog to get their side out. Until then, we'll be here trying to sift through the silence.

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