Jan 21 2008
When: Thu. January 1, 1970 12:00 AM

An invitation to people concerned about the future livability and economic vitality of our community:

Visions for Blount County's Future: Balancing Growth and Quality of Life

Sunday, January 27, 2 – 3:30 pm
Blount County Library, Sharon Lawson Room

A program sponsored by The Raven Society
Guest speaker: Bridget Jones, Ed.D., Executive Director, Cumberland Region Tomorrow, a non-profit organization working to support and encourage quality growth in a 10-county region of Middle Tennessee through improved planning and coordination between public and private sectors, with emphasis on land use, transportation and rural preservation. (link...).

Quality of life is key to both our economic health and our personal well-being. We know that high quality communities do not just happen. They require thought, effort, vision, collaboration and commitment.

Residents of Blount County value the small-town character of their communities and the open landscapes of their rural heritage, yet we must respond to the pressures for intense economic and population growth. The reality is that growth brings costs as well as opportunities. It requires both expensive new infrastructure and improvements to the old.

By planning for growth and guiding it, we can keep and enhance our county’s economic health and also maintain our unique assets.

This program will give an overview of quality growth: what it is, why we need it, and resources to help us plan for it. Please join us for this important program.

You are invited to stay for a brief Raven Society business meeting immediately following. Refreshments will be served.

Please forward this invitation to others. For more information call 256-8262.


His award was for his

His award was for his longtime work to write about and promote Blount County's history. One of The Raven Society's objectives is to promote and support people and policies that preserve BC's rural, natural, and historic assets. Except for his misguided endorsement of the Pellissippi Parkway, Mr. Stone has written some good editorials about the need for sensible land use planning. It was not an award to the Daily Times.

I find it odd

that the Raven Society is giving an award to The Daily Times editor Dean Stone at this meeting. Members of group that post on here all bash him time over but are giving him an award.

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