Jan 21 2008

It's time for Blount County Commission to ensure the safety of citizens who attend and wish to speak at commission meetings. As more is revealed about the threat by Sheriff Berrong against an elderly citizen at last week's commission meeting, ALL should be calling upon the Commission Chair to take action. See the entry at: (link...) It appears the blogger interviewed the elderly man about the threats. Chairman Ramsey, and other commissioners should contact this man for a full accounting of what he was forced to endure.
Commission must go on the record, that citizens are welcome in the "publicly-funded" county courthouse for all public meetings without fear of being threatened, harassed, or followed home by marked, or unmarked sheriff's vehicles. Chairman Ramsey, with the backing of EVERY commissioner, needs to show leadership and put Berrong on notice that this WILL NOT be tolerated. Berrong does not run this county, NOR does he run the commission meetings.
Furthermore, citizens must remember THEY PAY BERRONG'S SALARY! If he, or his thugs threaten, follow, or in ANY WAY attempt to intimidate, or harass, REPORT THEM! Contact the Tennessee State Police AND the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and file an OFFICIAL report.
Perhaps it's also time for Ramsey to seek legal guidance on what needs to be done about this. It's gone on for too long. It's frightening to think Berrong has repeatedly pulled these tactics on people attending public meetings and to date, NOTHING has been done about it.
Heads up, Commission and Chairman Ramsey: Get control of the courthouse, and if the sheriff can't conduct himself professionally, kick his can out of there!

Can you recall a Sherriff?

I know the question was asked recently about whether you can recall a mayor. The answer was no. Are there legal means to recall a Sherriff?

just call Herb!

He can get the job done!


It's ours to fix

This is what happens when leadership ignores all controls. If the courthouse had a catastrophe and the citizens needed to use the "IN" Justice Center, whose house would we be in?

The sheriff and his loyal followers are always saying to citizens, commissioners and the press they need to come "their" office, to meet on "their" terms. If local leadership can't see to correct this corruption, hopefully they can see fit to give the citizens an inventory of what belongs to them and what belongs to Bennett, Cunningham and Berrong. That way, we could just cease paying for what "they" own.

This is an embarrassment that has gone on for to long. Please send this thread to as many as you know as well.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. -- Edmund Burke

Will he file a formal complaint?

Looks like the guy the Sheriff allegedly threatened was the organizer of the Christmas Carol Protest for a Property Tax Freeze for Seniors: (link...)


The Christmas Carol Threat

I guess the Sheriff is threatened by Christmas Carols.

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