Jan 22 2008

Memphis Business Journal: First Tennessee to downsize Maryville center:

First Tennessee Bank is cutting 28 jobs at its operations center in Maryville, Tenn., according to the state's Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

According to the article, layoffs will begin Feb. 15th. First Tennessee will be closing the operations center and moving into a smaller space.

There was no mention whether

There was no mention whether the decision had anything to do with flouride in the water.

Banking saturation

I'm sure it was because they heard Blount County is a "backwater" whose government hates Russians and Latinos...

Side note: I think we have more banks now than churches, which just ain't right. This isn't the "Banking Belt," after all.

First United Church of GreenBank .,

..drive thru deposit and prayer.

As Americans, aren't we supposed to worship money?

From the desk of GW Bush after 911: GO SHOP!

Yes, but more banks would

Yes, but more banks would seem to be a case for a bigger operations center, not a smaller one. This place consolidates all the check processing to encode and sort and route them. They do it for other banks, too, most likely. My guess is they are doing most of it electronically now, sending the images down to Memphis, or they made a deal with FedEx to get the paper down there, or both.

at least they are not sending them offshore....

at least they are not sending them offshore for processing. I mean, I hope they are not.

No need for panick

This is old news (link...)

Old news or updated news? Is

Old news or updated news?

Is this more employee layoffs in addition to the layoffs announced in September, 2007?


It will close its 75,000-square-foot building at the end of March and move to a 15,000-square-foot capture site for First Tennessee branches in the region

Nothing that I could see in the article you referenced mentioned the closing of the 75,000 sq ft building.

First Tennessee Scaling Back


It's not a hometown bank no more.......

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