Jan 30 2008

While our current climate draws all kinds of imagery of justice, our remembrance will almost always drive us back to a blindfolded, scales holding Lady Justice.

A cynic would say "blind justice is passé." Cynics would say, ours is "the best legal system money can buy". Cynics would say you have to "pay to play". Cynics would say, "that's just how it's done".


Oh yes, one Principle Note, the Campaign has decided to make an ethical statement by not accepting donations from attorneys! The mark of a good judge is one who will rule against his former lawyer friends when they are wrong and rule for his former rivals when they're right. Don't take this the wrong way. I'm the son of a lawyer, married to a lawyer, nobody loves lawyers more than me, but the public needs to understand that justice isn't for sale to the lawyer who contributes the most to the judge's campaign.

Judge Mike Meares is not a cynic. Thank you for restoring this voters faith in the system.

Innovative thinker

I always wondered why it takes so long for a case to be heard around here. Sounds like Judge Meares is thinking outside of the box: (link...)

Meares said his job now, as judge, is to ensure the lawyers are doing their jobs for their clients. “I’ve done things differently. I think my idea for setting two trial dates works,” he said, as an example.

Previously, a trial date would be set six months in advance but inevitably something would happen and the trial would be rescheduled another six months. At the beginning of a case Meares sets two dates 45 days apart. “If something happens on the first date, it doesn’t take a year to resolve,” Meares said.

"I think it would be a good idea."
-Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization

This is very good news.

This is very good news. Maybe we will see real justice in our courts regardless of race, class, ethinicity, or sex.

I would just add to this... "or public office held."

When did the Meares Campaign say anything negative about Duggan?

I just read into the previous article (link...) that we've got a Judge who is looking to the future (pretty incredible for a Blount County "politician" of and by itself) and never wants his own reputation to be sullied by critics based on future decisions he has to make with regard to the people named on his Campaign Finance Disclosures.

What does THAT have to do with Duggan?

Duggan has to make his own decisions about his own campaign policy. Pretty weird for his supporters to try to spin Meares' policy as a smear on Duggan, although not surprising. Sounds like someone is sore they didn't think of it first.

"I think it would be a good idea."
-Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization

The use of the term

The use of the term "politicking" used by Snyder was directed most likely at Linda King.

Whether you agree with all, some or none of Linda's positions, you have to recognize she is fighting for the real silent majority. Just in case you don't know that, have you received any $180+ per hour charges from Ms. King?

Can you say the same for Blount lawyers?

Ms. Ridings has the government appraise her house for $230,000, the government burns her house down, and then the government tells her they owe her $100,000.

I was there the night Ms Ridings spoke in front of the County Commission. Guess how many Blount lawyers were there fighting for Ms. Ridings? Zero.

Are you "shocked"?

Q; How do you shock a BC lawyer? A; Set high standards

From the DT LTTE today (link...)

I was therefore, shocked to learn that Mike Meares has chose to suggest by innuendo that "the general public" would think that David Duggan was selling justice by accepting contributions from attorneys, or that any attorney contributing to David's campaign was attempting to purchase justice.

Certainly, it would be much better to have appointed judges, but who would do it, Mayor Chavez? He dictates enough from his office, we don't need his influence on the bench. BTW, the general public isn't just your judicial friends - it is the "general public". And from those I've spoken with, they are thrilled with the stance.

I am sure that every person who knows David was equally shocked.

This guy "sure" is "sure" of a lot. Every person? This guy is truly a lawyer.

Mike Meares, has with unfounded insinuation impugned not only my integrity, but that of each of my fellow attorneys who has ever sent an election contribution to any judicial candidate.

Meares sets a policy, and it's seen as an affront? As Shakespeare said; "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." I guess that's why they say any lawyer who represents himself has a fool for an attorney.

It is my understanding that Judge Duggan has made it his practice not to ask an attorney for their support. If they come to him, however, he accepts their support graciously.

No, this is the practice of Vice Mayor/Finance Director/Chair of the GOP Bennett. I have taken head of "Homeland Security" out of his title list, as he seems to have relinquished this position.., but not the car. But the mayor calls this guy "the jewel of Blount County", so maybe the bonus for that title is a car.

I hope Mike has simply gotten caught up in some "politicking" that has gone horribly wrong.

I thought it was the policy of the Daily Times not to enter politics from the editorial section. This lawyer must have turned over all the Stones and found someone he knew there.



I'm pretty sure...

I'm pretty sure that Duggan was once the Chairman of the Republican Central Committee.

So was John Davis - now a member of the Ethics Committee, as well as the school board (a non-partisan position). But that could be a whole other thread.


That is some scarey wording. I wonder what Mr. Duggan would give the Blount GOP that Mr. Meares would not.

Whose future?

Dave Bennett, the guy who has given us an accounting system that left us with 28 missing cars (link...) , this undersold deal (link...) , the "racetrack" deal (link...), uses the publics phone to make his party calls (link...) , drives a county car - even though the Mayor doesn't, and he organized this fiasco the AP picked up on (link...) says this about the campaign; "As each of you know, we have a VERY important race for Circuit Judge upcoming." and this "I can’t emphasize how important this race is to Blount County." and finally this "Our future depends on it."

If you believe in a proper judiciary, you should vote for Meares, but irregardless of who you vote for - your future is fine. So I ask you, whose future is he talking about? Will things be different for Mr. Bennett with a level of protection gone?

A difference

Due process is defined this way; Constitutional guarantee that an accused person receives a fair and impartial trial.

(link...) In 1998, Duggan, Cunningham and Goddard were very public in their support of Judge Young. Why? Why does a judge, who is supposed be the epitome of impartiality, need the public support of so many that work and operate in his courtroom?

Charles Cifford, another local attorney had this to say;

"It is only natural that any lawyer might feel concerned about what might happen should he refuse to endorse the winning candidate," said Charles Clifford, a Democrat seeking Young's seat.

"Some members of the public might well assume a lawyer who had endorsed a particular judge for election may have an advantage in that judge's court over an attorney who endorsed the loser or failed to make any endorsements," Clifford said.

Blount County Mayor/Daily Times attorney Robert Goddard responded;

"We're just trying to do an ad. I'm not doing it in conjunction with the campaign."

I ask Blount residents, have you seen a lot of ads endorsing judges in the ten years since that were run for something other than the sake of a campaign?

What is the need to do this in such an overtly public way? If the due process guaranteed us all is supposed to be blind and impartial, do these solicited endorsements not fly in the face of these ideals?

Pay attention folks. Your going to see two types of support in this campaign. There is going to be the judge the people want - and the one the lawyers want. Judge Meares through his donation policy has made it clear which side he intends to fall on.

None of this changes the fact this election will be hard fought. There will be a lot of power and money behind Judge Meares opponent. Don't let Judge Meares stance of integrity cost him in the election. To be a soldier in the fight to win back a government for "We The People", please donate what you can (link...)

One word


THAT'S putting your money where your mouth is.

Mike Meares makes a Statement


I suppose that in times past a monetary political donation to a judge candidate was made by my office; however, I cannot remember when, and it wasn't done recently.

Why? For the reasons suggested by Mr. Meares: such contributions, though widespread, have negative ethical connotations.

Especially in Blount County, where alleged ethical issues in certain portions of the judiciary have garnered considerable pro and con comment, Mr. Meares makes quite a statement-a very positive statement, and a very needed statement.

I join local's "Wow" comment . . .

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Good News

This is very good news. Maybe we will see real justice in our courts regardless of race, class, ethinicity, or sex.


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