We predict a huge win for Judge Mike Meares in tomorrow's Blount County Primary.

Yes, we realize he is unopposed in the primary, as is his opponent. But fairness and justice for all in Blount County are the winners tomorrow, because we will have an outstanding candidate on the ballot in August: Judge Mike Meares.

Unlike his opponent, who has little or no experience in criminal justice.

And why are more than 50% of his opponent's campaign contributers lawyers? Judge Mike Mears has pledged not to take donations from lawyers.

And why has his opponent accepted more than $5000 in donations from local elected officials, including $1000 from Judge Dale Young, $1000 from Blount Sheriff James Berrong, and $500 from Blount County Mayor Jerry Cunningham, not to mention $5000 from the Blount County Republican party? Why does the local Republican party feel it necessary to control the Blount County courts? Judge Mike Meares believes we should leave politics outside the courthouse.

And why has his opponent accepted in-kind contributions from one of Knoxville's most prominent politically connected public relations firms, which lists Exxon/Mobile, Wackenhut, and a long list of developers among its clients, to create campaign materials for him? Why is Judge Meares' opponent so worried about his message that he has to hire a PR master from outside the county to spin it for him?

All you other folks interested in supporting Judge Mike Mears in his fight for fairness and justice for all, first, go vote for him in tomorrow's primary as a show of support. Then send a campaign contribution to Committee to Elect Mike Meares, 212 High St., Maryville, TN 37804. Then remember to vote for Judge Mike Meares in the August Blount County general election.

I like that Prediction

I like that prediction, but how did you get all of that wonderful information? Judge Meares' opponent is truly a man of the system, and seems as if he is trying to BUY his way into the office. And people think he is a good guy??? If I was an attorney, and had the opportunity, I would take out a $1000 insurance policy for four years of "good" judgment. This is truly a HUGE conflict of interest, and I would like to thank Judge Meares for accepting support form attorneys and not their money.

Maybe raise the BAR?

If I was an attorney, and had the opportunity, I would take out a $1000 insurance policy for four years of "good" judgment

I think you point out a major flaw of having elected Judges. However, we live a place where an appointment means you do as your told or you don't get the appointment; (link...)

So for now, an election seems far better than any other option. I just wish all candidates would follow a higher standard much the way Meares is doing.

Mike Meares Makes a Statement_2


I suppose that in times past a monetary political donation to a judge candidate was made by my office; however, I cannot remember when, and it wasn't done recently.

Why? For the reasons suggested by Mr. Meares: such contributions, though widespread, have negative ethical connotations.

Especially in Blount County, where alleged ethical issues in certain portions of the judiciary have garnered considerable pro and con comment, Mr. Meares makes quite a statement-a very positive statement, and a very needed statement.

What can be done is to exercise patience, persistence and perseverance in not forgetting who is supporting whom monetarily . . . follow the money . . .

Thomas F. Mabry
P. O. Box 52385
Knoxville, TN 37950

Fax 1-888-215-3119
Phone 1-865-271-9224

All that info is on the

All that info is on the public record in the campaign finance disclosures. Interesting reading...

Is this online somewhere?

Is this online somewhere?

I doubt the local info is on line...

...but Campaign Finance Disclosures are public information and you can get it by simply appearing at the Election Commission office in the old Blount County Courthouse and requesting it.

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