Feb 10 2008

Blount Countians Unite! Let's start a campaign to do one little thing to save the planet. When you go to fast food restaurants, banks, whatever, park your car and go inside. Do you realize how much gas you use? Do you realize how much money you waste? Do you realize how much pollution is released in the air when you spend the 5-10 minutes at the drive-thru?

Now, obviously there are times when it is not practical. For me that might be when it is hot outside and the pupster is in the car. Maybe, at those times I could just forgo the stop all together.

What do you say? Can you do it for a week? A month? Forever?

Think about it. Try it. Save the planet one step at a time.

One reason people use

One reason people use drive-thru windows is that they have their kids in the car and it is a lot of trouble to unbuckle and snap them all to go inside to do business. But I'll commit to give it a try for a month.

I thought about that. Having

I thought about that. Having no kids, it is hard to relate. I do remember being a kid many, many years ago when I can't remember going to a drive-thru. I think my parents wanted us (all 6 of us) out of the car for a while.

I also thought there could be an issue during the lunch hour. Will there even be a place to park if everyone stops using the drive-thru?

Thanks for being willing to try.

Let's everyone spread the word. Keep an eye out on the kinds of people that do use drive-thrus. What do you bet the majority are not families with kids?

Drive thru's..

When I was a kid there wasn't very many drive thru's, we always went to the drive-in's, Sonic, Gleco's, Dixie, Creamland and Dairy Dip...oh and can't forget the Dixie Drive in....

We always done this usually right before going to the Drive in movies....Parkway, Druid Hill, or Lakemont...

Ahhh to good ole' days....aleast for the kids...

Yeah, and there was no air

Yeah, and there was no air conditioning in the cars (ours at least). Saved money/gas that way as well.

I remember the Zesto in Knoxville, Kingston Pike, the Blue Circle on Magnolia, and the Alcoa Way (?) drive-in there next to what is now Court South.

I haven't thought of that in years!

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane! My family saw "Star Wars" on the big screen at the Lakemont Drive-in when I was a kid.

I think that is the one you mean by Courtsouth, not "Alcoa Way," Bizgrrl.

"I think it would be a good idea."
-Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization

Actually, there were two

Actually, there were two drive-ins on Alcoa Highway. The one at Lakemont, which is further out Alcoa Highway past Green Acres in Blount Co. going towards Maryville/Alcoa, and the Alcoa Way next to where Court South is now, which used to be the Senator's Club at the time.


Joe's on the Left side of Walland Highway, heading towards the Mountains. Dad used to take us 4 rowdy kids and Mom there in his Plymouth Fury III, for Ham & Swiss on Rye. Best sandwiches in towne, at the time. Never left the engine running.

Last year I stopped at Philips Restaurant in Oneida, while motoring up to ride the Big South Fork Scenic Railway. They had the same sandwiches, but I noticed they still had Freedom Fries on the menu. Why? It looks as if the French will be helping us out again with our next revolution.

The Air Car

viva Evo Morales


Now you're talking! Back when a corndog was a Dip Dog.

As I remember, a couple of picnic tables under an old oak was the dining room and the parking lot was the "play room". (safer than the Hardees rocket)

How did we all survive?

(safer than the Hardees

(safer than the Hardees rocket)

That thing was pretty dangerous want it!? lol I remember climbing all over that damn thing with my mom yelling at me the entire time.

I can remember those places

I can remember those places also, but I wonder how much gas was used up "cruising" A&W and was it Dixie across from Maryville High??

I will do my part as my kids are grown and the grandkids old enough to get out of the car easily.

I have thought of this when I have used drive throughs. I must say Beyond Left has made me more aware of these type issues with his posts reminding us that we must get a grip and stop all our waste....

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

In Homers voice - Hmmm, Gleco's

I can't believe I'm hearing no love for Dwarfs.

Went to the Druid to see ET. One of last movies shown there.

I remember my grandmother

I remember my grandmother taking me to Glecos when I was a kid. I also remember watching Cannonball Run at the Druid :-) Whatever happened to Glecos? it still there near the Eagleton/Druid area? Wasnt it originally located on Alcoa highway?

You better sit down..

.., because you may not believe this. The location has turned into a GreenBank location.

Shocking, I know.

Thats depressing. Its been

Thats depressing. Its been quite a few years since I was over on that end of town. I remember my grandmother driving us over there for faux orange julius drinks and coleslaw covered burgers.


Actually, Glcos first moved over to that little restaurant row on Calderwood/Cusick (near Los Amigos), before it finally shut down. This was years ago, though.

What if I have a hybrid that

What if I have a hybrid that shuts off instead of idling?

Pfft... Actually, does it


Actually, does it always shut off? Do you have the heater or air conditioner running that kicks on the gas motor on occasion?

I read somewhere that it is most efficient to turn off a car if you are going to be idling (waiting in line at a drive-thru) for more than two minutes.

Kids and cars...

Man oh man- as a kid I LOVED going to the drive in movies, drive in diners, drive in anywhere- but then we could sleep on the floor or even up in the back windows. Used to love to lay in the floor on long trips and watch the flow of the telephone wires up and down, up and down, through the windows above me. It was hypnotic.

Today I wonder how any of us survived.

On another note- as an adult- my goodness- I remember just LONGING for the day that my two kids would be able to crawl out of our tiny 2-door car on their own. My back hurts just thinkin' about it.

CourtSouth was the Senator's club

Remember when the Senator's Club was at the facility now operated by CourtSouth? They had a huge pool and it was weird to swim in meets there because the configuration was not standard olympic size . . . I also lament the fire that destroyed the Kinzel Springs Restaurant building recently-across from the one lane bridge south of the swinging bridge on the "new highway." They had great country food there, buffet style as I remember, then it was turned into a rent a float for Little River tubing joint. And I remember when Laurel Lake actually had water in it; I found some pictures where a bunch of us from law school partied there on the 4th of July in 1981 . . . we used to gig frogs in the lake and drink this clear concoction that came in mason jars from over behind Mount Matthew that went down like fire . . . well, that's about my memories that I can actually discuss on a public blog


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Another throwback

this clear concoction that came in mason jars

Mountain Dew before Mountain Dew

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