Feb 20 2008
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Sounds like Southern Loop reared its ugly head again last night. Here's the proposed route, for any newcomers on the scene: ((link...))


Thanks, L_Y. Here is what we

Thanks, L_Y.

Here is what we learned from the traffic consultant. The projections that TDOT offered of no to marginal improvement in traffic after 20 years if the PPE is built were made assuming the Southern Loop also is built. They do not have any evidence about the possible effects on traffic of the PPE if the Southern Loop is not built.

This appears to mean that in order for the PPE within twenty years to have little or no positive effect on traffic, the Southern Loop will also have to exist by then. But they have no active plans to build the Southern Loop. so they say....

But it is still on the long range plan.

So you are saying...

...and I was also there, so I think this is what I heard the lady say: The PPE will have marginal improvement in traffic congestion if the Southern Loop is also built to feed southern traffic into it. But, it won't even create even marginal improvement withOUT the Southern Loop?

So, all those people with "yes" stickers are actually voting for the section that creates pretty close to literally no improvement?

I think TDOT is selling a pig in a poke. Once they get that foot in the door with the PPE, then the obvious next step is the Southern Loop. If they want to appear honest and above-board, they need to include the Southern Loop in their EIS and have some public meetings with the relevant sections of that new proposed road.

I don't think these are stand-alone projects.

"I think it would be a good idea."
-Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization

TDOT does not know what if

TDOT does not know what if any changes there might be with just the PPE (without the Southern Loop) because they have not done any study of that question.

The sellers are the Chamber and their allies more than TDOT. The reason for the meeting last night was to allow the sellers to try to sell. Their efforts were not assisted by the outing of the real nature of the traffic studies and by the public's realization that there is no plan to upgrade 411 N.

The Chamber crowd may not think any of this matters, but it could arouse some folks who have been dozing through this so far.


I'm not the same person as Local_Yokel, but I do agree that the PPE is a complete waste of tax dollars. Let's use that money to fix Sevierville Road, which I have to use daily.

From the Hands of the Few to the Hands of the Many

I wonder how many people are tired of just rolling over and taking it? Nowadays, it's easy to forget we live in a Democracy, as policies and projects are shoved through regardless of over-whelming opposition. Last Night, although there was a big show of Asphalters, the general consensus from everyone I've spoken with, on any given day, is that they're against the PPE.

Does Blount County have a Constitution? Is there anything about elections in the Constitution? What does it take to put issues on the Ballot? If issues are put on a voting Ballot, who controls the language therein? Maybe it's time to take control of our local Government out of the hands of the few, and into the hands of the many. Would it be Constitutional to have issues such as these on the Ballot for August's or better yet, November's election? November promises to have a really large turn-out, maybe we should have local issues on that same ballot. Just giving up, seems to be too old school.

After a Field Trip to Tremont, Today, I realized that mayhaps some of the folks on our Blount County Planning Committee, Blount County Commision, and Mayor's office; have no idea about Environmental Stewardship. Maybe it's time to require everyone that sits in those seats, spend 4 days at Tremont for Stewardship Training. I don't think that would be considered Draconian, since 1/2 of the GSMNP in Tennessee resides in Blount County.

What do you think?

viva Evo Morales

The Southern Loop

Concerned Citizen
Has TDOT, or any other source, ever conducted a study on the growth pattern that occurred after a loop was constructed around other cities? Such as Atlanta, GA. or Fort Lauderdale, FL.?
As someone who has driven around in both of these two areas, it is very apparent that Strip Malls and new residential developments soon follow these roadways, in turn causing a loss of revenue on the existing business owners in the downtown areas of these cities, and the newly constructed subdivision causing an impact upon the cost of infrastructure needs to meet this new growth.
Until such a study is brought forth, how can we support this new roadway, especialy since we have so many inadequate county roads in need of repair and widening/

That would be a good question to ask the Blount Partnership

And while you are at it, ask Cunningham where he got his data that "roads don't bring growth, they are the solution to growth."

"I think it would be a good idea."
-Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization

Jerry Berry is Truckin' - or teleporting?

Come on Andy, don't you know that infrastructure appears magically? The trucks that bring sewage, power, data, water, etc. etc. are teleported there. These trucks certainly don't use ROADS!

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