My primary question about this measure is whether it will make it harder or easier for concerned citizens to successfully request things be added to the agenda of the official monthly commission meeting. Certainly, more votes will be needed to advance something forward, but perhaps there's some other benefit to a "Work Session" structure.

Commissioner Walker, could you offer any insight on how this might benefit the citizens, or what specific concerns you had motivated you to make this motion?

From the minutes of the Intergovernmental Committee:

Mike Walker made a motion to dissolve the Intergovernmental Committee, the Public Service Committee, and the Beer Board and to have one committee meeting comprised of the whole commission per month and the commission meeting only. Monika Murrell seconded the motion. A voice vote was taken with Chairman Farmer declaring the motion to have passed.


Commissioner Walker, could you offer any insight on how this might benefit the citizens, or what specific concerns you had motivated you to make this motion?

One of the most common comments among the public is that the citiziens would like to have the ear of the full commission when speaking to a particular issue.

One of the most common comments among the commission is that it is meeting to death, with the addition of adhocs, special calls, and zoning matters. Also that when these meetings take place often times it is a repeat of what was discussed or heard in one of the other committee meetings.

Possible Solution:
Section 1 – This Legislative Body does hereby dissolve the Blount County Beer Board, Education Committee, Intergovernmental Committee, Public Services Committee and Risk Management Committee.

Section 2 – This Legislative Body shall meet in a work session monthly, on the Tuesday one week prior to regular scheduled meeting of said body to hear and deliberate all business formerly conducted by the committees listed in Section 1.

Section 3 – All sub or adhoc committees which previously reported to one of the committees listed in Section 1 shall hereby report during said work session of the full body.

Section 4 – That all rules related to submission of items for action shall still apply, in that said items for consideration shall be submitted to the Commission Office on the Thursday prior to the work session by 4:30pm, other items of necessity maybe submitted by action of the body or at the chair’s discretion for discussion during said work session.

Section 5 – That this resolution shall supersede any prior resolutions to the contrary and that this resolution shall take effect from and upon its passage, the public welfare requiring it.

Sounds reasonable

Citizens will still want what they say to be recorded for posterity in the formal commission meetings, of course.

Will the current Commission Chairman be responsible for running the work session, as opposed to the current chairs of the 2 committees, or some 3rd chair freshly chosen?

"I think it would be a good idea."
-Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization

Will the current Commission Chairman....

Historically, when the commission had work sessions happend yes. This would be upto Commission. I think it would be interesting to have the Vice Chair to conduct the work session and the Chair to conduct the actual meeting.

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