Mar 20 2008


“The beneficiary of this redevelopment is the community,” Coplean said. “We see it as a compliment to the new Pellissippi Research and Development Center.”

Needed New Industries

Just a wild-left wing-liberal-tree huggin' idea, but what would it take to get at least 2 industries to set up shop here? I tire of Blount County never being a test bed of needed new industries.

Zero Pollution Motors

Uni-Solar Ovonic Solar Panels

What would it take to encourage these two industries to build here instead of New England or California? Any suggestions?

viva Evo Morales

What would it take?

A local population smart enough to buy the product.

Think so...?

Food for thought?

How much Alcoa aluminum is bought directly locally? How many DENSO products are purchased directly locally? What percentage of Ruby's sales are local?

Point at hand is all of these are have a local presence yet local generated revenue is small in the overall business sense.

Isn't it?

Can you?

Dr. Walker:

I am ignorant of how, but can you get audience from these folks? The EPA restrictions are gonna get tougher here in East TN, and it would seem logical to me, that we could get lotsa atta-boys if we could encourage green industries to plant feet here. Can you be instrumental in this?

viva Evo Morales

I would think....

I would think that development areas such as these would be the focal point of a new R&D park....don't you..?

You think in this town at your own risk

Yes it would. That project was due to break ground in 2008. Do you know if this is still the plan? If not, what has altered their plans?

As Jean Luc Picard would say ...

Make it So. Who do I contact, or can you contact? Why don't we approach these truly Patriotic industries with an offer they'd be hard-pressed to refuse? I like to b&tch & moan, just like every other Scotch-Irish Hillbilly, but I also like to see solutions and lights at the end of the tunnel. I'd like my kids to have a neat newer technological place to work at, and I'd think that having these two industries here, would even encourage local consumption of their products. God knows that most folks here, wouldn't shed a tear if they passed by a Gasoline Station, with a smirk on their face. Maybe Senator Bob Corxxon wouldn't like it, but he's a Chattanoogan, and I don't think Chattanoogans should have a say about ANY industries locating here, especially an Oil-Lobbyist-Fed Chattanoogan, such as Corxxon.

viva Evo Morales


Actually, BL, Corker is a Chattanoogan, but it might surprise you to learn that he already owns a commercial complex on 411S here in Blount County.

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." -Mahatma Gandhi

So who ...

So who does the advertising of available lots? How many R&D parks does Blount County have? Is there a list of 'em extant, web-wise?

viva Evo Morales

"Isn't it?".................Yes.

Not when it comes to getting out of property taxes like Denso has done.

All of these businesses mentioned benefit more by being here than we do for having them.

Yeah, sure, it's nice to provide jobs for the populous but whatever happened to self-sufficiency?

"Point at hand is all of these are have a local presence yet local generated revenue is small in the overall business sense."

Now, if we can get you to see the rest of what is obvious, we might be able to get something done.


Denso supplies products for the al Qaeda Juice machines. These two green industries, aforementioned, create their own demand. Actually, and I know this is a wild fantastic dream, you can re-fuel an Air Car by connecting the re-charging compressor to Solar Panels. These two industries work together to help rid our dependence on Texas-Saudi Terror Juice. Call me a pervert, but I like self-sufficiency, and I dream of a day when we can rid ourselves of the Texo-Fascist influence of the Houston Cartel.

viva Evo Morales


Everybody wants to get rid of the oil dependency.

The only way that a green industry or alternative fuel producer will ever happen here is if the Lambert Camp has their hands in on it.

Do you understand?

Comprende' mi amigo/amiga?

Joe McCord has already tried to weasel the Lambert Camp into the alternate fuels business in this county. This happened last year and the governor would have no part of starting a "private business". He said that it wasn't the responsiblity of the state to enable a "family-owned" business to control everything.

Do you understand that we would probably have a bio-fuels industry here in Blount County if it weren't for the Lambert Camp trying to control all of it?

Now, it will probably never least not until they figure out how to hijack the industry for their benefit.

Same thing happened with all the local liquor stores. Have you ever taken a close look at who some of these owners are and who they are connected to? Same Sweet Deal..........for them that is.


"A local population smart enough to buy the product."

That's a little low don't you think?

Do you have a problem with locals in general? Think they're all stupid?

Am I still on the progressive website?


I put that snide comment out there just a few hours before the nodding head county commission voted to approve a federal contract that most of them never read.

While you all most likely were keyed in on the auto part of Beyond Left's post I was thinking of the solar panel industry. I just happen to know a guy who took his semiconductor technology and applied it to solar energy. That company is going to build those panels in the Northeast. I ask him why not come on down to sunny Tennessee and build those panels. The short answer is found in what we down here pay for electric compared to what those in New England or California pay for electric- thus the likelihood of selling the product locally is vastly increased in NE or CA.

As our TVA rates climb I would like to think more folks would consider solar supplements, but I have reason to believe that it won't happen...

When we lived out west we would sit on our portico and as the sun set behind us we watched as the hillsides in front of us began to glow with the reflection of the setting sun lighting up all the solar panels.

As little love as Blount County shows for mountaintop development, ask yourself how happy folks would be if those same roofs actually glowed every sunny morning or evening.

We enjoyed watching those 'stars on the hillside' come on in the evening. But, we also enjoyed seeing the windfarms and that is not going to happen in Blount County either.

American Wind- its Al-Qaeda free....

What would it take?

A market demand

We tend to be a little smarter regarding the way we spend our money. The states over on the left cost tend to throw more taxpayer money at problems as opposed to actually fixing them.

If there was a market here for the product then they would locate here. It’s not rocket science. We get fairly cheap and efficient power from TVA. The only cheaper power generator in the country is the Ohio Valley. Solar panels are typically expensive and generate little power as a function of their size.

I’m all for new sources of energy. I just want the market to dictate the path instead of the infinite wisdom of government.

We’ve got to do something. Liberals hate refineries. They hate nuclear power. They hate wind power (only if the Kennedy’s have to see the unsightly windmills from their inherited estates). God forbid we drill in the arctic desert wasteland know as ANWR.


I just want the market to

I just want the market to dictate the path instead of the infinite wisdom of government.

Which market would that be? Oh, the one regulated and manipulated by the Federal Government for the benefit of ExonMobile, Haliburton, et. al.?

Pretty serious charge

I’m referring to the market that exists in a capitalistic economy. The idea that the Federal Government manipulates the market in favor of ExxonMobil and Halliburton is a pretty serious charge. Perhaps you could provide some evidence to support your conspiracy theory.


Perhaps you could provide

Perhaps you could provide some evidence to support your conspiracy theory.

See HR333, and debate on HR6 Amendments SA1704, SA1670.

Maybe you could spell it out for me.

I don’t see where ExxonMobil or Halliburton were advanced by the government for the sheer enjoyment of seeing these to companies succeed.


"I don’t see.."

"I don’t see.." Right.

Take an hour and 16 minutes to watch this documentary from Showtime; (link...)

Hopefully it will give you better vision.

Phinney, you're kidding , right?

Phinney, you're kidding , right?

I think your biggest problem lies in the concept of denial.

And the right-wingers.................

And the local right-wingers hate everything that they have not figured out a way to hijack for personal monetary gain.

You left that one out, phinney.

Just so you know, I'm neither a conservative or liberal. I'm just not muchon large "controllable" groups. I think for myself.........not let a party do it for me.

You right rebelwithoutacause

Why don’t we just let government think for us? There should be no personal monetary gain for anything. From each according to their ability; to each according to their need, right?

Liberals embrace socialism. When a free society embraces socialism they are no loner free. Remember: socialism is bad; capitalism is good.


Un-Bridled Capitalism is TYRANNY

BTW, there has never been a completely pure Socialist Nation, since the industrial era. Back during the Agricultural era, there were a few Communal Societies, that came closest to the term Socialist.

I wonder what the roads would look like if they too were privatized? How about a Privatized Miltary--something like Blackwater? Kill at will and answer to no one. How about privatizing TVA? How would that help your Electric bill? Privatizing Schools would help which class of people?

If Privatization is to Capitalism, as Public Funding is to Socialism; then the United States is a myriad of Socialist and Capitalist facets. As the world evolves there become certain facets of every Society, that were once Privately owned and eventually become Publicly Owned and Controlled. It is evolution of Society, that requires this. No one is blaming the Oil, pharmaceutical, and insurance companies for wanting to make a profit. However, now we have Insurance Companies that only promote their employees for denying claims, and pharmaceutical companies and Oil companies that wine, dine, and hire retired Congressmen, at huge salaries. And the most egregious sin of Un-Brideled De-Regulated U.S. Capitalism, is the Oil companies hijacking our military and taking our entire Nation to War, for their own insidious PROFITs! Diesel fuel prices are driving Grocery prices out the roof, and we have a president that vows to veto ANY bill, that pulls on the bridles of his buddies. Change will come, and unfortunately, for the Uber-Capitalists, they won't like it.

viva Evo Morales

Capitalism is Freedom

Who do you think makes more money of off the sale of a gallon of gasoline: oil companies or the government? The correct answer is government.

It is incredible the lack of understand on the left with regards to oil company profits. Lefties don’t know the difference between a profit and a profit margin. Profit margins for oil companies are lower now than they have been in a long time. Yet, liberals cry, “record profits!” Why would there not be record profits; we use more oil now than we ever have. As such, oil companies are producing more now than they ever have. Yet, no liberals cry, “record tax-revenue” regarding the money confiscated by the government. Why?

Obviously, we need government. No one on the right is anti-government. We just don’t think that government is the end-all be-all solution to everything. I once heard it said that liberals think this country is great because of government; while conservatives think this country is great in spite of government.

Your notion that privately owned and run components of society become publicly owned (read: government) and run components simply as a result of the natural order of things is scary. You look at socialistic institutions like social security and education and it is clear how poorly they perform when compared to the private sector. The template is that the private sector is usually cheaper and more efficient than the public/government sector.

Why is it that we are the envy of the world? Ironically, our liberal inhabitants want us to be more like other countries in the world; yet everyone else outside of our country wants to be like us. Why?


were the envy of the world....

The reason we were had to do with the leadership that came about during the Great Depression. That leadership is what brought you social security, the FDIC, and more goverment sponsored programs. All of these programs are buffers from what drove this country into the depression and what has it headed for the ditch today.....GREEEEED!

Some leaders never learn from history, that is why we are in over our heads in Iraq today.

You have got to be kidding.


Are you just oblivious to the consistent 70-year failure known as Social Security? Is that your argument: our social security system makes us the envy of the world?

Notions like that make it easy for conservatives to make fun of liberals.

It was WWII that brought us out of the GP, not the infinite number of social programs implemented by FDR. Some of FDR’s own advisors new that SS was doomed from the start. He didn’t care because it was good for the people in the present. Let people in the future worry about it. 70 years later, the politicians have the same attitude. How progressive!


Dust off your passport

oil companies or the government?

There's a difference? The oil companies wrote our oil policies. Did you watch this documentary; (link...) What were your thoughts on it?

Why is it that we are the envy of the world?

Did you conclude that tidbit of nonsense from Faux and Friends? When was the last time you traveled abroad?

Nobody disputes capitalism's worth in a democracy. That's assuming we still have either. To me, unbridled capitalism is less appetizing than socialism. The idea of capitalism is to encourage competition in a free market. Competition normally injects markets with better product and services. This goes along with the American philosophy of trying to always strive for better.

When capitalism goes unchecked, we get abuses like CEO's averaging 821 times more than the average minimum wage earner (link...) . In a CEO's eyes, a worker is no different than a widget - just another cost. If not our government, who should provide the controls in a capitalist system? How "free" do you think these CEO's should be to gouge?

It was WWII that brought us out of the GP

Our economic woes are to be cured by the military industrial complex? More war, great. Your GOP congressman doesn't agree with you; (link...) Select the 12/13/2007 video.

The ideals of America are great. It's a shame we have decided to ignore them.

Greenwald is a nut.

Are you one of those conspiracy theorists? 9/11 was an inside job? Come on!

The ironic thing is that Bush has been careful not to even give the impression of a “war for oil” situation. Many on the left believe otherwise yet, strategically, chose not to cite any examples.

I don’t have an hour and a half to waste on some Hollywood reject who hates America; but, I have read the reviews. “Torture” at Abu Ghraib? Come on!

What is your solution to “checking” capitalism from producing “abuses”? Should there be a cap on the salary for a CEO? Should we increase the minimum wage to $20 per hour? Who gets to decide what is “fair”? Do we take a poll?

That’s the funny thing about liberalism: their ideas always work in theory. The problem is with that pesky little detail known as reality.

BTW, Fox & Friends Rocks!


Come on! x 3

Are you one of those conspiracy theorists? 9/11 was an inside job? Come on!

What do you think Duncan was talking about? What's a NeoCon? What does empire building mean?

The ironic thing is that Bush has been careful not to even give the impression of a “war for oil” situation. Many on the left believe otherwise yet, strategically, chose not to cite any examples.

No, Lil George is more into discussing "crusades". The Dick is charge of the oil. Can you site the reason we are in Iraq if it's not oil? Oh, that's right, we're enlightening a civilization more than 3000 years older than ours.

I don’t have an hour and a half to waste on some Hollywood reject who hates America; but, I have read the reviews. “Torture” at Abu Ghraib? Come on!

Something tells me you have nothing but time to waste. How long did it take to read the reviews? Challenge yourself and take a look. If you think no torture took place at Abu Graib, your S&M parties must look like pillow fights. You must really get your freak on. Lindy England ever show up at your place with a dog leash?

What is your solution to “checking” capitalism from producing “abuses”? Should there be a cap on the salary for a CEO? Should we increase the minimum wage to $20 per hour? Who gets to decide what is “fair”? Do we take a poll?

Obviously the answer is to do nothing. Maybe we can hope CEO's achieve a pay scale 2000 times that of an average worker? 3,000 times? Or maybe 4,000 times? Is there any scale difference you would find unreasonable? Maybe, one of the CEO's that have $25K umbrella holders will feed those babies you're always talking about. Probably only if the scale goes to 5000 to 1. We don't want them to make to big a sacrifice.

It was WWII

WWII is not what put us back to work or began to put faith and trust back in to the financial systems of this country. It was the Federal programs! WWII had it's impact on the economic expansion of that time, but with it came something that is completely lacking today...personal sacrifice for material goods and services.

Now quit arguing and go shopping, you've got tax rebate check to spend.

Which Programs

Name one job that was created as a direct result of any of FDR's programs.



TVA employs how many people? Biggest Socialist Institution in the South. And they even hire Republican Capitalists, who are oblivious to the FACT that TVA would NOT exist if it weren't for huge Federal funds started back then.

Roosevelt signing the TVA act

Hypothetically speaking, let's say I own a big Rock Quarry, and I start running out of Rock. Do you think I could convince the US Government to send troops in to another country, so I could steal their Rock, and add their Rock to MY inventory? All of these Right Wing Fascists lambast Social programs, stating they don't want to prop up lazy people, yet they blindly support a Texo-Fascist's Resource War, that is being fought by a Federally Funded Military. Is Welfare okay, only if it's Corporate Welfare?

P.S. We hit -4,000 on Easter Sunday. How's your Exxon-Mobil stock doing?

viva Evo Morales

Nice try.

That’s the thing; TVA is not a social program. It was set up as a natural monopoly for the purpose of power generation. Yes, you can make the argument that it’s been mismanaged over the years (a government institution being mismanaged – go figure). Again, conservatives are not anti-government. There is an argument for maintaining infrastructure. TVA generates cheap power. In fact, they are among the nation’s cheapest source of power; second only to the Ohio Valley. Surely, you don’t want to be in an energy situation like they are experiencing in California.

I don’t understand the quarry and “Texo-Fascist's” examples and as such, cannot respond to them.

Regarding my oil stocks: yes, they are performing quite nicely. That’s the funny thing about oil stocks. Do you know who owns 70% of all oil stocks? People like me. The average Joe contributing to his 401k or his Roth IRA owns 70% and represents 70% of these rich greedy oil companies.

What always amuses me, though, is the contempt people have for oil profits while remaining strangely ignorant of the decline in oil profit margins. The profit margin when oil was at $12 per barrel was much higher than it is today. Any analysis of profits that does not consider direct and indirect costs is insane. Have you ever even read a financial report?


How about...

Progressive government in the 1930's.

Progressive government in 2008.

That only happens when you put the American people first, not the value of your oil stock.

How about not.

Why are liberals so obsessed with giving away money? (Not their own money, but taxpayer’s) Why was FDR so obsessed with giving away money? The CCC was a program that gave away money. It was scrapped when WWII brought us out of the GP. Giving a child $5K at birth is not “teaching him how to save.” It is government saving for him.

Why do liberals want the government to give people money? Have you thought for a moment that maybe the reason why we spent so much time in the GP was BECAUSE of the New Deal? Instead of asking government to help, why not ask government to help us help ourselves?

Remember the words, “Ask not what your county can do for you; but ask what you can do for your country.” Now, there was a wise man. What was his name?


To quick to dismi next!

If you would take these for what they are, and not what you want them to be, you would see that they are "investments".

Investments in America.

Read carefully what the CCC accomplished for those out of work. What do you see in the Middle East today? Young, disenfranchised, adult males either fighting or blowing themselves up. Put them to work!

The government would not be giving every child $5k, but investing it in their future. Families can add to it, keep what they add, but if the kid doesn't use it, it goes back to the government.

In return though, each young adult must ask themselves what they can do for their country in return either through community or military service.

It ain't free money! It's an investment! It's progressive!

It's also what republicans have spent the last 50 years trying to destroy.
Why? Because it works!

Personally, I don't think

Personally, I don't think the location is good for manufacturing of any kind. Unless, maybe it would be something done completely inside where the grounds are meticulously beautiful and look like a park. This is a highly visible location for the City of Alcoa and I would hope the city would keep this in mind when approving any sort of development.

What is the land suitable for?

Wouldn't there be some clean-up needed to develop on this site? The aluminum biz puts out some fearful pollution.

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." -Mahatma Gandhi

If Kinsey is involved, it's

If Kinsey is involved, it's likely retail with condos and townhouses. And/or offices, too.

Interesting infrom about IRG from their website:


"International Risk Group, LLC, acquires environmentally impaired real estate and/or assumes the associated environmental liability. In addition, we provide advisory and capital formation services; environmental, property and casualty insurance and surety brokerage. Our market focus is industrial and governmental (former military and BRAC sites) real estate with complex transactional, environmental or legal issues that hinder economic development."

Sounds like they specialize in industrial development, but have done office, retail, and residential.

Their focus...................

Their focus will be just like every other business that has come here over the last 20 years: to payback the Lambert Camp for pulling the strings.

All the good jobs will be given to those within the complex.

sports complex

Isn't that the area they were considering for the sports complex?

More from the

More from the KNS:


"The site could be developed as retail and office space and possibly a hotel, one Alcoa city official said."

The article also quotes Kinsey as saying he is working closely with local government officials. Oh his project in Knoxville, there was substantial taxpayer "investment" involved.

The article also mentions what a great asset the proposed Alcoa Parkway (new bypass) would be for the property.

What Alcoa Needs

Is middle class neighborhoods. It's either houses for $89k and down or $450k and up it appears to me that there isn't a middle gound as far as housing in the city.

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