My favorite part of the newspaper is the Opinion page. No, not the editorial (that's for darn sure), but the Letters to the Editor. Sometimes these letters aren't about any particular issue, just something burning in the mind of the author. I always enjoy those letters too, because I think it is a privilege to live in a community where people can be so open.

But often, someone hits the nail right on the head with an issue, like this one today, calling for Supernanny's intervention in the affairs of the Blount County Commission: (link...)

I particularly like her postscript:

P.S. I sure hope the “kids” don’t decide my letter is slanderous and involve me in a lawsuit. I have more important things to attend to at the moment - I need to finish removing the border in my kitchen.

And then there was this one: (link...)

Will you look at who is calling the kettle black! Mr. Mayor we are concerned about the expenses and waste of this county. You can call us whoever you want to title us. I support the people that belong to these concerned citizens groups. They are working for the taxpayers, the seniors, the low income, the children, the widows, etc.

Who are you working for, Mr. Mayor sir?

Good point, Ms. Handley!

I believe you are the cave man if anyone is. In fact, I wonder if you have not been bitten by a bat.

That's as good an explanation as any.

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