Apr 25 2008


The Tennessee Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers recognized Blount County Commissioner Wendy Pitts Reeves with its "Public Official of the Year Award" for 2008. The award was announced to the 700 attendees at the National Association of Social Workers legislative conference at the Nashville Convention Center.

I have to agree with the National Association of Social Workers. Mrs. Reeves is a very unusual specimen in politics, maintaining an openness and approachability through her blog that we had never seen in Blount County prior to her election.

"Commissioner Reeves brings all the skills and core values of professional social work to her public service," Taylor said. "She is a wonderful role model for others, especially women.

"Politics can be a challenging arena for anyone, but especially so for someone who seeks to uphold the dignity and worth of each citizen and to advocate for those who may not be able to advocate for themselves."

Atta Girl, Commissioner Reeves!


Despite repeated efforts by the Blount County administration to throw rocks in your face and in your path, you rise above. It's a smart woman who knows how to turn the rocks into stepping stones to better things.
Keep up the good work!

Way to Go, Wendy!

I am glad you are getting the recognition you deserve. You are doing a great job.


Nice recognition!

Thanks for all you do. Blount Countians are lucky to have a nationally recognized official.

A well deserved honor. I

A well deserved honor. I know that Wendy has reached out to help many people behind the scenes without asking anything in return. She truely is a strong, kind and wonderful lady that I admire very much. She has, what was that word now? Oh yeah.. Testicular Fortitude.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Commissioner Honored

Congratulations to Commissioner Pitts Reeves! The outside world recognizes someone who is trying to stand up to the "play ground bullies" and echo the voices of tax payers. I commend Commissioner Pitts Reeves for being able to sit through those commission meetings without wanting to pull her hair out. Keep up the good work. Keep listening to the tax payers, we need a voice!

Thank you, everybody!!!

I had no idea what a special event this was, and had barely even mentioned it to my family! I am deeply proud of my profession, and was humbled to be honored in such a way by my peers across the state.

I have to say thank you to Connie Taylor, another licensed clinical social worker, for going to the trouble to nominate me for this award. I also have to mention her sweet daughter, whom I've watched develop into an incredible young woman through AAUW's annual Sister to Sister Summit. Mother and daughter have been a gift in my life, and I am grateful.

And thank you, Andy, for posting this here... Nice to have some good news for once! :)


Wendy Pitts Reeves, L.C.S.W.
Blount County Commissioner, District 4, Seat C

Social Workers

Dr. Reeves:

It has been an honour to have heard you speak on several occasions. It sure takes a lot of courage to stand up to the Local machine, and it makes me proud to say I know you. Social Workers are the Angels of the community that keep the elderly and down-trodden from losing their minds. What a Noble field to serve in. Kudos.

viva Evo Morales

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