Apr 28 2008
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Political background seen as detriment

Dear Editor:

As a result of Judge David Duggan’s request to check out his web site in the April 17th Daily Times, I did. To my surprise I found out that the Judge is most proud of a Republican judiciary. I always thought that justice was blind and did not include political affiliations.

I also noticed that Judge Duggan belongs to the Federalist Society. This, I do know, is an elitist, radical group of judicial activists who are determined to revolutionize American law, as we know it.

As an informed voter, I decided to research Judge Duggan’s career, both politically and professionally. He states that he is a Republican based upon “limited government” although his present job is a direct result of growth in Blount County government. I found that as a result of being an active member of the Blount County Republican Party, Judge Duggan has been appointed to several profitable positions, those of which include the City Attorney for Alcoa and Townsend, Alcoa and Blount County School Board Attorney and his present position as judge. It is clear that Judge Duggan has made most of his living off of the taxpayers of Blount County. I do not think that his vast Republican Party involvement has any bearing on his qualifications to be elected judge.

My point is this: do we as Blount County Voters want to see someone who has made it through the system based upon appointments, and not electability? Do we want someone who, I assume, feels he is entitled to this new position based upon what he has done for the Republican Party? Again, I always thought that justice was blind. And lastly, do we want someone who is going to take that type of ideology into his courtroom? I do not.

Lee Ramsey
607 Front St.
Maryville, TN 37804


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