Jun 18 2008

The latest Blount Co. GOP dispatch to the Knoxville News Sentinel is puzzling. Judge Young sounds like he's running for something. I thought the race was between Meares and Duggan?

The race for Circuit Judge Division II

Yes, sir, the race is between Mike Meares and David Duggan. Perhaps we should hear from Mr. Duggan whether he accepts Judge Young's continuing remarks and actions with regard to Mike Meares and the implementation of the local rules as true, fair, ethical and accurate.


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Where to start?

Judge W. Dale Young said Tuesday that his counterpart, Judge Mike Meares, is "trying to create a perception in the public's mind" that the judiciary is less than ethical, in an effort to "make voters migrate over to his campaign."

No, Judge Young, noone else needed to create a perception that this county judiciary has been operating less than ethically; you've done that very effectively all by yourself.

And is this the definition of paranoia, or what?

"It started," he said, "when The Daily Times ran a headline and story on the front page based on information from a political operative" from the Meares camp.

"Operatives?" As in KGB, CIA, Mossad, etc.? They make pills for this kind of problem, people.

And by the way, that'll be THE day when the Daily Times starts taking their stories from Democrat "operatives"!

This, combined with the faulty statistics that Judge Young just felt duty-bound to offer up to the public in an effort to get his man Duggan in as Division 2 Circuit Court judge paints a pitiful picture of a man who apparently thinks his fiefdom is at risk if someone who doesn't come from the same party gets in. Makes you wonder what there is to hide, doesn't it?

And it really makes one feel confident that they are getting a fair shake in court, doesn't it? Not. Do they ask you what your party affiliation is before assigning you a judge? Every time I see a Duggan sign pointing out that he is THE "Republican for Circuit Court" and "Sharing Blount County's Values" (ick) I wonder all over again why a judge shouldn't be impartial/non-partisan. And why it is so important to the powers-that-be that a Republican get in.

Sadly, I don't see how Duggan can lose with such well-placed "political operatives" of his own as Judge Young working so closely with the media - and Attorney Snyder, whom the paper wasted considerable ink on yesterday. Well, that is unless Blount County Voters can see thru the cow patties that are being hurled fast and furious.

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire


David Black said WHAT?


With all due respect, is the mighty David Black serious? If he expects anyone in Blount County to believe that Judge Dale Young is not part of a very ugly political machine, he must be smokin' crack! Attempting to paint Young as anything but the GOB (Good ol' Boy) operative he is reveals a glaring flaw in Black's entire law practice.

And, spare us from the holier-than-thou prose depicting the Blount Bar and Judiciary as heaven-sent lily-white legal eagles. Bottom line, there are some who rank as top-talent, and there are others who stink up the county. Unfortunately, the stinkers have been in control far too long.

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