Jul 25 2008

We were one of the lucky homes that was without power Monday evening and all day Tuesday after thunderstorms rolled through East Tennessee late Monday afternoon. After having no air conditioning, lights or computer for 23 hours and 14 minutes, an ABC News story jumped out at me.

ABC News says: "Dolly, a Category 1 hurricane, was expected to dump up to 15 inches of rain, threatening flooding that could breach levees in the heavily populated Rio Grande valley. Dolly, upgraded from a tropical storm Tuesday, had sustained winds of 85 mph. Utility company AEP Texas reported power outages to more than 9,200 customers in Cameron County."

Compare that hurricane story to this article from Wednesday's Knoxville News Sentinel: "At the height of Monday’s storms, more than 44,000 customers were without power. More details as they develop online and in Thursday’s News Sentinel."

Any KUB customers out there interested in joining my new recruiting effort to bring AEP Texas to East Tennessee?


Don't know if it would have

Don't know if it would have helped in your case.

I have two words: underground utilities.

They cost more initially. They work better in the log run, thus, hopefully cost less to maintain.

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