Jul 30 2008

We barely knew you.

Open less than 8 months.

For me and many others, the site is a great location. Nice deck in the back, convenient to the Greenway, three hotels, two banks, City of Alcoa administration offices, Blount Memorial Wellness Center, a realtor and more within walking distance.

I look forward to a new restaurant in that spot.

Closure notice and pic after the jump.

Went to Look Rock with my mother just a week and a half ago. The hubby and I went there just last Thursday. My mother went again with a friend of hers yesterday, closed.

Permanently closed.

What's next for this nice building, Dunkin' Donuts?

Good but service counts

I liked this restaurant. It was very similar to Atlanta Bread, which I also liked. However, I told several people that this restaurant would never last because of the service. I hate to say it, but it was awful. I actually stopped going because they couldn't get my order correct nearly everytime I went, and it was not a difficult order. Unfortunately, I guess good help is hard to find and this restaurant paid for it!

I agree the service was

I agree the service was inconsistent and not always up to par. From my observation, though, the problems weren't necessarily with "the help" so much as the training and management style. It's a tough business. Hate to see them go.

My wife and I contacted

My wife and I contacted Dunkin Dounuts About a francise here when Friendly's closed. They told us that they were not expanding at that time.

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