Aug 7 2008

(From a Meares campaign spokesperson)


August 7, 2008 - MARYVILLE, Tenn. - At polling locations throughout Blount County, voters are being told by election workers that they cannot vote in the Republican Primary and vote for Judge Mike Meares, a Democrat. This false information is intentionally meant to mislead Republican voters who may support Judge Mike Meares.

So far this morning, voters have been given incorrect voting instructions (pertaining to who they can and cannot vote for) in Townsend and at the Maryville High School polling locations in Blount County.

Election workers were given explicit instructions and know this information is false and misleading.

In another incident in Townsend, a young man named Dylon Watuki was holding a Judge Mike Meares sign when a vehicle swerved and tried to hit him. Later, a Townsend man named Claude Scarboro had a Judge Mike Meares sign physically pulled from his hands at the Townsend polling center. Police reports were filed in both incidents.

School officials told Martha Meares (Judge Mike Meares sister) this morning that signs were not permitted on school property. Tennessee law states that signs are permitted at polling locations provided signs are not placed within 100-feet of the entrance. Election law, not school policy, dictates what can and cannot take place at a polling center.

In Rockford, election workers were trying to keep sign-holding supporters 280-feet away from the polling center - more than twice the distance allowed under election law.

On Aug. 6, many Blount County residents reported that recorded phone messages were being made throughout Blount County telling voters they could only vote for the Republican candidate for Blount County Circuit Court Judge if they planned to vote in the Republican Primary. This is another false and misleading message meant to deny voter the right to choose the best candidate.

Dirty Politics

I'm confused. I am not politically savvy, nor do I claim to be. But as I read the papers and read the blogs on this site, it seems that the Republicans are deliberately trying to set up Judge Meares to fail! Why would someone intentionally try to run over a poll worker with their car NO MATTER who the candidate was? Why are the poll workers being asked to move into a "different county" to hold their signs when the laws are clear? My office talked today about why they would vote for Judge Meares and it seems that those who smear are losers anyway. So, Judge Meares congratulations early on your victory!!! And to those Republicans who feel it necessary to cause bodily harm - GROW UP!

A Daily Times reporter has

A Daily Times reporter has done a story on this press release.

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