Aug 7 2008

Stopped by the Alcoa precinct at lunchtime. Business was slow. A poll worker said it had been slow all day, as slow as he recalls ever seeing it.

Just as I arrived, a couple of Meares campaign workers were being asked to move their post a little further away from the polling place door. It was the second time. Poll workers were measuring it off with what looked like a sewing tape or something.

Here's Meares campaign worker Zack Nyein manning his station in its final resting place.

They had first set up to the left of the dumpster, closer to the polling place entrance near the orange cones. The boundary was not clearly marked, so they were guessing. A poll worker came out and asked them to move a little further away, pointing to the sign across the parking lot near the street, which you can see next to the entrance near the phone poles (the short white sign).

Their second setup appeared to be outside the boundary, but someone complained anyway so they moved again to this spot. Hope they're still there, and not forced to moved over to Springbrook Park or something.

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