Very scary!

From the Maryville Daily Times:

"For some inexplicable reason, on Sept. 23, no vital signs were recorded after 7 p.m." the suit alleged. "...
"Additionally the staff admitted that they had insufficient staff to observe and care for (Boone)," the suit said. "They explained their shortness of staff and called the family to help them, which the family did."

But at some point before Boone's family arrived at the hospital, he died, and his wife was the one who found him unresponsive in his room and alerted the staff, the suit claims.

It is hard to fathom what this family is experiencing.

Note to family and caregivers of hospitalized patients:
If it is at all possible, have someone with the patient every possible moment. Many patients get scared, cranky, antagonistic, hard to deal with. Being in the hospital can be quite unsettling. Most patients don't know what is going on around them. Many of them are so drugged up they can't communicate effectively. The majority of hospital employees probably do a good job and provide good care. Though, they do not know your family member, friend, loved one and sometimes things fall through the cracks. Again, if at all possible, try to have someone there with the patient to communicate with hospital staff, to comfort the patient, and to (as best you can) ensure the patient gets the best care possible.

inadequate care or concern at blount hospital

I can relate to you heart ache. I recently lost my grandbaby that was delivered at blount memorial. I really believe it was due to neglegence on the part of the hospital.

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