Lots of folks came out for the Maryville Daily Times 125th Anniversary party and celebration of editor Dean Stone's 84th birthday. Several local dignitaries gave speeches honoring the paper and Mr. Stone.

I have always said that a county the size of Blount County is lucky to have a quality newspaper. I don't agree with about 90% of their editorial policy but at least they are putting out a paper every day, and the Daily Times is the paper of record for Blount County.

As such, we the readers and citizens of Blount County have a responsibility to tell them how they're doing. We should show our approval when they get it right and let them know when they go off course. The voice of The People (and their subscriptions) can carry a lot more weight than the influence of a self-promoting few, but it takes some effort.

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Dave Bennett presents an award of appreciation to Dean Stone on behalf of Blount County Mayor Jerry Cunningham who could not attend.

State Sen. Raymond Finney (Daily Times publisher Max Croster on the right)

State Rep. Doug Overbey

Maryville Daily Times editor Dean Stone

The large crowd enjoyed hot dogs, soft drinks, cake, and speeches


I would modify your

I would modify your assessment and say that Blount County would be lucky to have a quality newspaper. It has a newspaper now, but it is a of mediocre/poor quality. I assume what you want is a high quality one? That will be quite a trick under its current management.

The Daily Crimes

Meh. I think the Daily Crimes are part of the good ole boy system. They do very little investigative reporting and cop out when an issue gets "touchy". The support issues without really thinking it through and do not represent the best interest of our county.

And 2,000? Let's stroke ourselves shall we. All I saw there was a bunch of people looking at police and fire propoganda, people eating hot dogs, and 2 bands playing. Yihaa, what a party!

And I do not like how Dean Stone is fully behind two very wasteful road projects - the Pellissippi Parkway and the Foothills Parkway. He must like parkways.

Blount County is in need of an independent voice, not a mouthpiece for the republicans.

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