Oct 7 2008

Early voting starts next week, Wednesday, October 15th. With all of the excitement over the Presidential election, don't forget to pay attention to the local election. Here is a sample ballot.

Sales Tax Referendum: Increase Local Sales Tax FROM 2.25% TO 2.75%.
This sales tax increase is proposed to be used for education. This will increase the total (state and local) sales tax you pay FROM 9.25% TO 9.75%. Sales tax on $10.00 will increase by $0.05.
Anyone have details on how they plan to spend this money on education?

City of Aloca Board of Commissioners:
(Vote for two (2))
Clayton Bledsoe (incumbent)
George Williams (incumbent)
Ken White (newby)
Anyone have information on Ken White?

City of Alcoa Board of Education:
(Vote for three (3))
Charles Cameron (incumbent)
Steve Marsh (incumbent)
Johnelle Jackson (update: incumbent)
Does it matter? Three needed, three running.

City of Louisville Alderman:
(Vote for two (2))
Steve Dixon
Joe Gallagher
Michael Mund
Anyone have any details regarding this election? We all probably know Joe Gallagher and he is not an incumbent. How about Dixon and Mund?

City of Maryville Council Members:
(Vote for two (2))
Joe Swann (incumbent, current Mayor)
Thomas Taylor (incumbent, current Vice Mayor)
Does it matter? Two needed, two running.

City of Maryville Board of Education:
(Vote for two (2))
Doug Jenkins (incumbent)
Bethany Hodson Pope
Charles West
Anyone have information on Bethany Hodson Pope or Charles West?

City of Townsend:
Referendum for the sale of wine for on-premises consumption.

how they'll spend it

I always support public education but this time I have reservations.

This phrase from the support group "-If the state ever raises it, they keep it and redistribute as they see fit" leaves me cold.

Less than half of all TN counties are at the current max of 2.75% for the local option. If there were a real fear of the State 'taking' the portion of the local option that is not used by the local governments don't you think we would be seeing the rest of the counties acting to raise their local rates to the maximum?

The current State tax rate list (link...)

BG- There was a letter in the County Commission workshop package about 'how' the money would be spent by the county schools. Pretty much it is just another dollar to offset rising costs.

Doesn't matter

Doesn't matter, if it fails in the County, it will go in within the cities. County residents will pay it either way, unless they shop solely in the county.


Isn't Johnelle Jackson already on the Alcoa Board of Education?
Charles West is the son of Steve West.

Isn't Johnelle Jackson

Isn't Johnelle Jackson already on the Alcoa Board of Education?

Not according to the City of Alcoa web-site.

Your search results 1.)

Your search results

1.) Alcoa school board picks interim member
Author: Mark Alewine

of The Daily Times Staff
Publish Date: January 16, 2008
Word Count: 152
Document ID: 11E38AF270444ED8

The Alcoa Board of Education chose former board member Johnelle Jackson on Tuesday to replace Betty Piercy, who resigned after moving outside the Alcoa city limits. Jackson will complete the remainder of Piercy's term, which will conclude in November. "I feel very comfortable with her (Jackson) coming on. ... She knows right where we are," said board Chairman Mickey McClurg.

Jackson was chosen after Alcoa Superintendent Tom Shamblin told the board she had

2.) Jackson makes return to Alcoa board of education

Publish Date: February 27, 2008
Word Count: 257
Document ID: 11F3AB53C7D71868

By Matthew Stewart

of The Daily Times Staff

The Alcoa City Schools Board of Education welcomed back a familiar face Tuesday night.

After nearly four years of not serving on the Board of Education, Johnelle Jackson was sworn in as the newly appointed board member at the start of the school board meeting.

She was chosen by the board in January to replace Betty Piercy, who resigned after moving outside the Alcoa city limits. Jackson will complete the remainder of Piercy's

Thanks, Anonymous. Sheesh,

Thanks, Anonymous.

Sheesh, you'd think the City of Alcoa with their brand new expensive web site would update it after 10 months. You just can't trust government.:)


No one should vote for any tax increase of any kind in this area. Whatever else one does do not vote to give anyone, county or city, any more tax dollars. ENOUGH!

Bethany Hodson Pope

Here's a website Pope has set up -

I haven't found anything similar for West.

On the Alcoa City Commission

On the Alcoa City Commission election (vote for two of three):

Info on Ken White (challenger) from four years ago:


Another article, White opposed liquor by the drink:


George Williams (incumbent):


(City bio: (link...))

Clayton Bledsoe (incumbent):


(City bio: (link...))

Bethany's maiden name is

Bethany's maiden name is Hodson. She has lived here her entire life. She attended Fairview Elementary School K thru 5th and then started Maryville Middle School in the 6th grade and graduated MHS in 1994. She also graduated Maryville College in 1998. This is just a little background.

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