Jan 26 2009

The following first appears in today's MDT under legals.

notice of workshop:
planning commissioners from the municipal planning commissions and the county planning commission in blount county have been invited to a workshop on green infrastructure planning at 6:00 pm january 26 in the gary hensley meeting room of the maryville municipal building. the workshop will not be a meeting of any of the planning commissions involved, and no formal actions will be taken.
january 26, 2009

The words no formal actions are bothersome. The purpose of this meeting can be found at the Blount County site and the following comes from the Staff Memo, Long Range Items, Dec 23.

Staff Memo, Long Range Items, Dec 23

4. Update on Green Infrastructure Planning Process and prospective dates
for future activities.

Staff has completed the first draft report on citizen comments and results from workshop mapping activities held in October. A final report is expected to be available by the first week of January after review by the other municipal partners in the process and editing of maps into final form.

A total of 84 citizens participated at 18 workshop tables in eight workshop sites. The workshop tables resulted in 18 maps on which citizens identified priority sites for green infrastructure and also 18 table reports of top three priorities. Staff received and compiled 16 sets of comments from individual citizens.

Based on previous plans for the green infrastructure planning process, the results are to be presented to the community early January. Tentative schedule is Monday, January 12 with venue to be determined.

The combined County and City Planning Commissions agreed to hold two
workshops, one in January and one in February. Both workshop meetings are
assumed to be in the evening, and should last about two-and-one-half hours. The first workshop in January will review the citizen workshop results, and conduct a similar map based workshop with Planning Commissioners as participants. The February workshop will focus on priorities and implementation strategies.

From this we learn that tonight those planning commissioners from the county and the cities will be creating their own maps. How will these maps be used? Will the results of these maps be added to the 18 maps created by citizens at those very public workshops which were held a few months ago? If so, any maps created tonight can greatly change the outcome of the citizens' selection.

To review the outcome of the previous citizens' meeting please see (link...)
"Report of Green Infrastructure Planning Workshops Held October 13 to 20, 2008"

Open Meetings Act

What must occur for the Open Meetings Law to be violated? Discussion, decision, meeting? I realize that all meetings and discussions and/or deliberations should be held in a open meeting, however what legally must happen for it to be illegal?

a vague law, my

a vague law, my understanding is one or more commissoners meeting together or discussing an issue outside the scheduled meeting?

just a picnic

They sat around and ate BBQ that was billed to the Planning Dept. The mayor was there as well as representatives of Alcoa, Maryville, Louisville and Friendsville. They were given a different handout/presentation than the general public has been given which is linked above.

Then they sat around and made their own maps.

From here on out, it is all about how they use the maps they made last night.

sounds like an open meeting

sounds like an open meeting to me? And mello you have been one of the first to complain that is no open discussion in subject amount the county commissoners? However, it seems the majority of the folks in Blount County continue to elect these commissoners, with whom you have so many problems. You probably should not expect the sympothy here as you get at blounttalk site

Our New President

Our new President is getting some on the job training, he has signed executive orders to shut down Gitmo, however he has no plan what to do with the current POW's or any caught in the future? He has issued an executive order to re-instate funding of abortions in foreign countries. Considering his pro-choice position, has he ever watched a partial birth abortion? Maybe they all should watch the murder before they are allowed to vote on such issues? This is the change you can believe in, that many voted for. What about the treasury secretary appointment? What a joke, he hadn't paid his taxes in years, only after his nomination did he pay. He is either really stupid or intentionally ducking the system? I think it is the second. Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State and her husband has collected a half billion dollars, some from foreign heads of state, and Obama's pledge of no special interst involvement in his cabinet is a mere joke. Here is the change youc an believe in!

Jim! Nice* to see you again

I see we are quickly moving back to being 'not ready for prime time'.

It helps if you have a solid

It helps if you have a solid core belief system, which Obama seems not to have

What did I miss?

Was Obama at the Green Infrastructure meeting, breaking the sunshine law in his first week in office?

Or is Blountres starting a pattern of off-topic trolling that is likely to last at least the next 4 years?

Mello Mello Mello

Incorrect again. Haven't been on this site for awhile since it seemed dead, sorry R, but really nothing has been said. But would like to let Mello know that above was not me. But thanks for thinking of me.

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