Feb 10 2009

A new hotel is being built at the intersection of Singleton Station Road and Alcoa Hwy. This is a very dangerous intersection. Will they provide customers with a warning, Do Not Turn Left on Alcoa Highway?

What were they thinking? Don't they care about visitors to the area?

UT lands across the road

What does UT do with the land on the other side of the road and are they planning on keeping that land?

I believe that's part of

I believe that's part of their ag/livestock research extension. I also seem to recall that some or all of it would be given up for the 129 bypass.


You mean the "new" 129 bypass?

If so, do we finally get to rename the "old" 129 bypass?

It's about time we do that since it really doesn't bypass anything anymore.

If I don't get some shelter
Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away...

I can't believe you

I can't believe you mentioned the "Alcoa" bypass. I've been thinking if we ignore it, it won't happen. Otherwise, I'll have to start a campaign to stop it.

You're kidding?

That is an incredibly stupid location. We can count on reading about people dying trying to get in and out of a hotel now.

That's in Blount County, right? What were the "planners" thinking?

City of Alcoa

See the map provided by the City of Alcoa.


Wow, don't you wish we could see a Blount County map like this?

Yes. Although, I do think

Yes. Although, I do think the Future Land use map needs to be adjusted somewhat. I really don't think we need business in the old ALCOA land near the high school.

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