Feb 11 2009

In October, the City of Alcoa expanded its weekly curbside recycling program by switching to "single-stream" recycling that accepts a wider range of materials.

According to statistics provided by city officials, the amount of recycled waste diverted from the local landfill has increased anywhere from 55% to 67% since implementing the new program.

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Blue Container

My Blue Container Runnith over. They haven't been by my house in three weeks. I've got an extra trash can full of recycle stuff. I called the Alcoa Service Center and spoke to a guy name Bruce and he said that someone would be out, as of today Thursday at 5pm they still haven't came out. They are going to have to improve their service.

letter from city of

letter from city of alcoa:
We will soon begin offering to City of Alcoa residents a means to recycle household electronics. City residents will be able to drop off at the Service Center household items such as computer monitors, printers, etc.
Our plans are to require residents to bring these items in during the workday but may eventually offer Saturday collections, possibly on a quarterly basis. possibly for implementation on March 1. More info will follow.
Again, this is aimed at City residents. Businesses will be referred to local recycling vendors. We are also starting a similar program at the Landfill for all Blount County residents.

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