Reps Ramsey and Overbey seek to fix the appointment law that is causing an uproar in Knox county. Funny thing is the law was written in response to Knox's Black Wednesday appointments.

Any law that encourages more public appointments to persons outside the County Commission can't be a bad thing, can it?

You got that right

Given who the county commissioners are, I'd say anything that would keep them off committees would be a GREAT thing. Look at the Planning and Budget Committees, for example.

Here's the bill


and it does little to change which seats commissioners may hold outside the County Commission.

No sir, if they are going to spell out offices then they need to add a few more like Building Commissioner.

( sorry for the cross post R )


I have already resigned the one committee I was on, Beer Board.


Commissioner, of all the committees that could have even remotely caused a problem why resign from the Beer Board? That is one committee that the code says "the county legislative body may act as the Beer Board" or something close to it.


When I saw your post, I thought "we really weren't thinking of YOU!"

Why the fuss

I don't understand why other county governments aren't panicked like Blount?

Why does Blount County take this so seriously and the other local counties just ignore it?

They don't usually have a problem ignoring things.

If I don't get some shelter
Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away...

ha ha, hee hee

ah you know what I think. This is all a flush to deflect from the shortage of 3.5 million for the schools. IF the budget committee and the education committee are not meeting, they sure are not having to state their concerns, eh? No coverage or comments need be given.

Beer Board

You're right, it does say that in the absence of a Beer Board the County Legislative Body may serve as the Beer Board.

I guess my reason for doing this is possibly an opportunity to include a citizen who maybe interested from the district I represent.

the time is now to review all the County Committees

Since the subject of Committee appointments is front and center right now, how about a complete review of all the committees and boards including those that are Mayor nominated / Commission approved?

The Jail Inspection Committee you don't need to worry about. That is the only committee that gets reappointed yearly and the Commission just did that.

But what about the other committees? Terms of appointment are staggered so at least every year or so these lesser known committees are briefly remembered by the County Commission.

And why does Blount County not have a board of Revenue Commissioners as required by state law?

I know the short answer on the review of committees and appointments on such. Who cares? The same people serve on all the boards. If we had a Revenue Commission those folks would be friends of friends so what is the point?

Here I thought the purpose of commissions and boards was to reach deep into the community for resources. To encompass as much of the citizenship as possible. Not to fill the seats with friends sitting on multiple boards who will turn a blind eye to goings on in county government. Now, go ahead and say it.... you ain't from around here...

Board of Revenue Commissioners

Mello where are you finding this board in the TCA?


Never Mind...found it..

5-8-601. Appointment — Tenure — Oath. —

(a) (1) The county legislative bodies, at their July term, shall elect three (3) competent citizens, not members of the county legislative body, county clerk, or deputy county clerk, who shall be known as the “revenue commissioners” of the county.

(2) One (1) of these commissioners shall be an expert accountant.

(b) Their term of office shall begin on the first Monday in September following their election, and they shall hold office for two (2) years, and until their successors are elected and qualified.

(c) Before entering upon their duties, they shall subscribe to an oath before the county clerk that they will well and truly discharge all duties that may devolve upon them by law.

CTAS County Handbook 2008

County Revenue Commissioners. The county legislative body during its July meeting every two years is required to elect three competent citizens to be county revenue commissioners. No member of the county legislative body or county clerk or deputy county clerk may be elected as a county revenue commissioner. One member must be an expert accountant. Their terms of office are for two years and begin on September 1 after the election. These revenue commissioners are required to meet four times a year to examine the settlements of the county mayor with all of the officers of the county who collect money, review all of the financial reports, review disbursements from the county treasury and examine the books of these officers if necessary. The county revenue
commissioners are required to report the results of their investigations at the end of each quarter. T.C.A. § 5-8-601 et seq.

I simply read the County Government Handbook at the CTAS website.

While we are at it Mike, you might want to get another yearly Judicial Commissioner review on the books. I think yearly means every year and not just the one year that you brought it to the attention of the full commission :-)

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