Mar 6 2009

Blount County's unemployment rate in January was 9.2%, up from 7.7% in December and 5.7% in January 2008. Tennessee's unemployment rate in January was 8.6%, and the national rate was 7.6%.

Area unemployment rates:

• Anderson County: 8.4%
• Blount County: 9.2%
• Knox County: 6.6%
• Loudon County: 7.9%
• Union County: 9.5%




There are still 3.7 million jobs posted on various job sites, here's 3 of the best from

(link...) (networking)
(link...) (aggregated listings)
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Good luck to those seeking work

What a statistic

Scary times. I wonder what the break down would be for type of industry.

What on earth is going on in Perry County for over 27% unemployment?

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