Mar 20 2009

A private airstrip is in the planning stages for Seymour and the community is not happy. There was an attempt to put a 90-day moratorium on the construction of airstrips in the county. The moratorium was voted down by the Blount County Commission, 12 against and 5 for the moratorium.

Several commissioners were concerned that the moratorium would leave the county open to a lawsuit from Maryville developer Dennis Weaver, who is planning Into the Wind Airpark.

Is it relevant that the airstrip developer Dennis Weaver may be the same developer that allowed the foreclosure of a condominum project he was unable to complete in South Knoxville? Note, the bank was left holding the property until just recently (December 31, 2008).

Basically the commissioners

Basically the commissioners said that the price of a lawsuit from Dennis Weaver is not worth the safety of the Blount County residents. Nice, considering that there was laid out evidence that the airstrip in question does not meet FAA regulations that an aircraft must be at least 500 feet in the air above any structures. This airstrip will only allow 200 feet over a residence.

I am wondering if the commission approved this airstrip - if something tragic does happen to one of the residents in the airstrips path - does that mean they assume liability?

Oh don't worry about the lawsuit

The county commission has a cap on their liability. So they or any employee of the county can essentially burn your house down and only pay you up to their cap, regardless of how that relates to the value of your house. This has actually happened, by the way.

So I sure wouldn't want to live under an airport they took responsibility for.

Oh please, the message is loud and clear

Between the Air Park and the slaying of the erosion and sediment control regulations Blount County Commissioners Lewis, Keeble, Helton, Farmer, Melton, Samples, Burchfield, Lail, Kirby and Hargis have sent a loud message to the landowners of Blount County- IF you want any protection for your property from your idiot neighbors you must go out and hire an attorney.

BizGrrl, a quick look at the Sec of State's Business registry shows THIS developer in Blount County has the same tax address as the one who did the SoKnox failed project.

regulations or not to have regulations????

Tipton County Tennessee has this for thier regulations and John Lamb was given this aswell but didn't want to hear it so something could have gotten done.

The following use, private landing strips for fixed-wing single engine aircraft, is subject
to review and approval by both the Board of Zoning Appeals for a special exception in
the FAR District and the site plan by the Planning Commission, subject to the minimum
requirements listed herein:
A. A site plan of the proposed landing strip shall be presented at the time of
the proposal
B. The landing strip shall be appropriate for the size and type of aircraft
involved, and shall be constructed according to the manufacture’s
specifications for the type of aircraft involved.
C. Airstrip runways are to be located no closer than one thousand (1000) feet
from the centerline of the runway to the closest dwelling unit, excluding the
owner of the property, and that said centerline be located no less than two
thousand (2000) feet from any church, school or places of public
D. All landing strips shall be situated in such a manner that under no
circumstances shall an approach or departure be over a residence,
excluding the owners, provided that the residence be located a minimum
of 400 (four hundred) feet beyond the end or side of the required landing
strip length.
E. The site plan shall show all roads bordering the subject property, and the
location and type of all adjacent utility lines.
F. Any other requirements which in the opinion of the Planning Commission
or Board of Zoning Appeals would be required to protect the safety and
welfare of the surrounding area.

But nothing will be done, because someone doesn't want to do the right thing.

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