Jan 30 2008

Boy, Commissioner/Planning Commissioner Scott Helton doesn't miss a trick when it comes to helping out the Mayor's biggest contributors: ((link...))

This is like a big ole Christmas present to people who already received ill-advised RAC status. Note the key words "AND existing commercial development." (Emphasis mine.) There's a big difference between clustering commercial only at key intersections on 411S and at existing ad-hoc industrial parks/metal dumps all along the "scenic" highway.

The Planning Commission seemed to reach a consensus on language suggested by the Hunter Interests Growth Study to recommend clustering of commercial sites on U.S. 411 by zoning at key intersections and existing areas of commercial development.

County Commissioner Scott Helton didn’t want the language to just include key intersections.

“I just didn’t want us to be handcuffed down there,” Helton said.

The proposal had generated discussion about what direction was wanted for the development of U.S. 411 South.

“We have a desire not to have a strip mall all the way down the road to the county line,” Planning Commissioner Rick Brownlie said.

Yes, Heaven forbid we should limit ourselves to the recommendations we paid so much for.

No truer words were ever spoken, than by Bob Kidd re: the win of Jerry Cunningham in the primary for Mayor: ((link...))

"Tonight was a vote for pro-growth," said Kidd, who did not seek re-election. "Put that in your paper."

line em' up

I'm pretty sure some these guys have no concept of planning. If they are not going to focus on intersections, why have any planning? The same folks who want unlimited development are also the ones always tooting their horns about how much tourism money Blount brings in.

Do these jokers really think people travel here to shop at one of our big box stores or, worse yet, 411's metal madness? If we set 411 up with the same crap interstate exits offer, why would anyone from Georgia or elsewhere travel 411?

And whining about newcomers

The irony I love is that these good old boy bozos who love development so much are just inviting Northerners and Floridians into the county who have no loyalty to the local machine - even if they're Republican (which many are not). So the old boy network is selling itself out for money and, ultimately, lost influence.


I'm sure by now this thought has even trickled into the minds of the least intelligent among them. But like they say, greed and money know no bounds. I guess we can throw hypocrisy in there as well. I think the Meares/Duggan election might prove another bell-weather event for Blount. A lot of the '06 vote was protest over bad GOP policy. Haven't seen any changes since - nationally or locally.

the kicker

The Planning Commission also discussed language to recommend a task force to study the possibility of a countywide sewer system or of the cities extending sewer outside of their boundaries.

“It’s needed,” Helton said. “I don’t know if we’re going to get there.”

What possibility since SBUD now has the rights to new sewers in their district and would be given first choice to add any other bit of county land not already in another private or public district? And they can cross county lines with the permission of neighboring counties.


commercial development on Hwy. 411 S.

Concerned Citizen
Concerning commercial development along Hwy. 411 South.

The Hunter Growth study stated that permitting commercial strip development along the two main highways which act as gateways to the county violates just about every Smart Growth principle. They recommended the use of Cluster Commercial Development at designated intersections, with the following guidelines.
· These developments should have limited access to these major roadways and should be accessed by frontage roads or adjoining streets.
· Commercial developments should be screened from the major highways by trees and shrubs.
· Commercial developments are only feasible when they utilize a sewer system.

Yeah, it's a "cluster" alright

It definitely defeats the purpose of establishing planning policy if your intent is to build on your old mistakes instead of planning to do better in the future.

Does this not amount to a blanket policy of expansion of existing commercial property, in misusing the concept of "clustering?" It certainly seems to give unfair advantage to existing commercial owners while ignoring entirely that the purpose of putting carefully concealed and easily accessed cluster developments at major intersections is to avoid cluttering up your highway.

So why

So why is 321 West getting protection and not 411 south? Are both not Scenic Highways? Are both not RAC?

Because Lamar Alexander lives off 321?

I hoped that when they named 411S after Bo Henry that he would become a guardian angel for it, just as Lamar Alexander has for 321 toward Townsend. (That's the only time you'll ever hear me use the word "angel" in the same sentence as "Lamar Alexander.")

LA Parkway

I still like to think of US 321 as the "Terry Barnard Memorial Highway".

Terry Barnard Memorial Highway

For those who might not know what johnnyo is talking about; (link...)

BC, thank you for that link.

BC, thank you for that link. I hadn't read that in a while.

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