Feb 15 2008

I think the county's plan to choose my paint colors and window treatments for me is a violation of my private property rights: (link...)

But just so long as they let me bulldoze the top of the mountaintop flat and take off all the trees so my view in all directions is not obstructed, as well as install security lights that burn all night, I'll go along with it.

Mossy Oak homes

The regulations can stress good design practices such as using earth-tone colors and no shiny materials, he said.

Earth tones? Like logs of log cabin; (link...)

There is only one tone our planning understands, tone deafness.


Property Rights - where do they end?....where do they begin? Whose opinion should they be based on?

There is an old saying "What's good for the goose is good for the gander". (Unknown)

So if someone purposed saying the use of outside security (street) lights in out laying areas was now against policy, and all new houses must be roofed in green or brown, with camafloug siding so they would be less visible from the roads and scenic pull offs. Would this be as equally accepted?

Let me try again.

How do you produce a policy that is applicable to every parcel equally?

Maximum Height

All area mountains have been surveyed. We know the altitude of all our ridgetops. Set a maximum build height no higher than two thirds the altitude.

If our government (federal in this case) can run families like the Tipton's, Laws, and I think Walkers out of the mountains to preserve them for the rest of us, why can't we at least protect the tops of said mountains?

The answer, like yours regarding insurance, may be that's it's just not going to be fair for everyone. Sometime, take the time the time to drive all the way back to Moutain Homes. The elders of our community knew how to take care of our resources. You can't even see the cabins in this development.

There are over 20 homes in this picture. I can see three.

I understand you point....

I understand your point, but Mountain Homes hasn't always looked the way it looks now. (I live less that 1 mile below it) There was a space of time when many of the homes were very visible both from the gate and from the parkway...

from the parkway... Looking

from the parkway...

Looking down, not up. There will be peace in the valley....

Warning from Knoxviewer

I don't know anything about Walt Lane, but it sounds like he'll fit right in Blount County; (link...)

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