Apr 27 2008

In today's DT, Judge Young claims to set the record straight about Judge Meares' record as a judge, in response to Carol Gallagher's letter to the editor. (link...)

He makes this statement:

This letter is not intended, in any way, to constitute or be construed as a public or private endorsement of either Judge Meares or Judge Duggan. Likewise, this letter is not intended, in any way, to constitute or be construed as public or private opposition to either Judge Meares or Judge Duggan.

However, his motives "to correct some terribly misleading statements" in Mrs. Gallagher's letter become completely clear - and somewhat sinister - when you realize that he has contributed AT LEAST $1,000 of his own money to Judge Duggan's campaign to unseat Judge Meares. (link...) Funny that a letter full of disclaimers, and claiming to set the record straight, would omit such a crucial detail that should have been part of full disclosure. He is by definition a supporter of Duggan against Meares, and with his pocketbook has endorsed him to the maximum permitted by law.

Judge Young had no right to invoke any member of Mike Meares' family in a letter intended strictly to tarnish Mike's well-earned GOOD reputation. Particularly quoting Mike Meares' wife, an attorney, on a pleasantry she uttered to Young's staff in the course of business - her livelihood - to say that there is no delay in hearing cases in his courtroom. I have NEVER heard of anything tackier in a campaign in my life. I'm surprised that a man of Duggan's oft-reported integrity would approve such a message.

And this, I believe, is what we used to call a big bald-faced one in the olden days:

It is totally false that Judge Meares is now offering to assist in the civil area.

He isn't? Really, now, Judge Young.

I know nothing about the

I know nothing about the court system, thus I'm curious about a few statements in Judge Young's letter.

As of today, the public records show Judge Meares has 781 cases pending, all awaiting trial in his criminal Division of Circuit Court.
In Judge Meare's Criminal Division, as of today, there have been 1,020 criminal cases filed, but he has disposed of only 830 of those cases.

There have been 1,020 criminal cases filed.
830 of thoses cases have been disposed.
That leaves 190 cases pending/open/whatever you call it.

How do I reconcile these 190 cases to the 781 cases pending mentioned by Judge Young early in his letter?

It helps if you are part of

It helps if you are part of the Republican Elite Clique. They have different "special" math.

math, a four letter word

I personally know a vast amount of BV readers who are laughing themselves silly over the math comment. How about if you and your Mrs sit down with Judge Meares and ask him how he managed this apparent incredible feat? There is a tale to be told and it would be great if you all would do what the local spin machines won't.

Quid pro quo?

Can anyone confirm whether Judge Duggan was at the support rally for Judge Young? (link...)


It's always quid pro quo with these guys. Their incestuous relationship dictates they never deal with anyone else; (link...)

However, Robert Goddard, one of three county attorneys seeking endorsements for Young, said there is nothing improper about his actions.

School board attorney David Duggan and Maryville attorney Jerry Cunningham are also soliciting endorsements for Young.

Duggan has already done his part for Young, now Young is paying him back with $1000 and a LTTE. Their attempts at looking decent, leaves them looking like people with no decency. I've talked with several lawyers recently and all I spoke with are embarrassed by what's going on. Not to say this isn't how the Republicans have typically played politics, they were just put out by how bad this was being handled. Thank goodness their leadership is THEIR leadership. Their missteps have made their machine break a few cogs in their internal gearing.

Now some are questioning whether continuing this farce is the judiciary they want. One said they didn't study law so they join a fraternity that never graduates. I took him to mean, the best legal mind in the world could come to Blount, but because they would be coming into an area that has a predetermined hierarchy, they still wouldn't get the plumb positions.

Can anyone confirm whether Judge Duggan was at the support rally for Judge Young?

I would like to know the answer to your question? Was he there?

video links broken

I ask myself that same question yesterday so off I went to dig out those local tv reports / videos from the Pep Rally. Sadly, I can't get them to play. I don't suppose anyone downloaded them, eh?

Maybe their future does depend on it?

From the letter to the editor today; (link...)

In it, Ramsey states candidate Duggan is a member of the Federalist Society. This is also recanted on Duggan's website mid page here (link...).

So what's the purpose of the Federalist Society? This can be found here; (link...) This "society" seems to have interjected some interesting ideas about how the judiciary should work. Like this one;

In working to achieve these goals, the Society has created a conservative and libertarian intellectual network that extends to all levels of the legal community.

The law as it's written needs an "intellectual network"? Extends to all levels? Like entrenching yourself in both the executive branch and the fourth estate (link...) ?

But I found this one most troubling;

This entails reordering priorities within the legal system to place a premium on individual liberty, traditional values, and the rule of law.

Who wants more machine "traditional values"? What if the judicial value I find most traditional happens to be that I like my justice blind? (link...)

Guess I shouldn't be looking to get "tapped" to join this "intellectual network that extends to all levels of the legal community".

Were you talking about the law office of Goodard and Gamble?

In working to achieve these goals, the Society has created a conservative and libertarian intellectual network that extends to all levels of the legal community.

FA, They said ALL. You forgot Goddard and Gamble not only represent the local paper and the mayor, but you'll also find A.B. Goddard is the chairman for the Duggan campaign. (link...) (see bottom of page)

I wonder if Flynn has an office at Goddard and Gamble? The superfecta pays better than the tri-fecta.

The Federalist

I found a directory for chapters and realized the closest chapter listed is in Nashville (link...) . Does anyone know about the local chapter of The Federalist Society? Where do they meet, what are dues, do they keep minutes, what do they do in the community, etc., etc.?

I also found this nugget;

This topic provokes a number of questions about the role of the press and whether it should be treated more leniently, the issue of who is "press," the proper balance of governmental confidentiality and the "public right to know," and the ability of law enforcement and national security experts to pursue leakers of confidential or classified information.


It provokes those questions if you think the "public" could ever "know" too much. Are we electing a Judge here, or Keeper of the Secrets. Shhh, I'll never tell.

Remember when...

the KNS was following the story on all the interconnected relationships among Knox County commissioners and their friends and family? They had a great graphic on the front page once. Wish they'd do a similar graphic on the relationships among certain lawyers, law firms, Party officials and government officials in Blount County. I mean, just keeping track of the overlapping roles these guys have held for the past 10-20 years is a chore!!

Maybe we should make a list here....
Cunningham: U.S. attorney, Blount County Mayor's Attorney, Former Chair of the Republican Party.

Duggan: Blount County School Board Attorney, City of Alcoa Attorney, Former Chair of the Republican Party.

Bennett: County Finance Director, Assistant County Mayor, Former Homeland Security Director, Former United Way Campaign Chair, Current Chair of the Republican Party.

Helton: County Commissioner, juvenile court employee, former BCSO Drug Task Force employee (I think)....

Hmmmm... Maybe we need a chart, with names down the side and a series of columns for each job...

How many Republican Party Chairs does it take to change Blount County? None! Who said anything needed changing?

Anyone know how long a

Anyone know how long a Judicial review takes? Have there been any reports of the status of Young's anywhere? Just curious.

yeah! What did happen?

It is been 6 months since Mr. LaRue was in Blount County looking into this stuff.

Good response today

A letter to the editor from Judge Meares' brother: (link...)

I think this about sums it up:

The real issue in this campaign is which candidate is best able to restore the confidence in the fair and impartial administration of justice for all Blount County citizens. Judge Young's scandalous letter has added a dimension to the debate which only candidate Duggan can remove.

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire

Another response to Dale Young's ltte

I'm glad Carol Gallagher responded to Judge Young's lovely epistle using his office to promote the candidate he has endorsed: (link...)

And because the Daily Times is still the Daily Times, there's also a letter from their attorney and Duggan's Campaign Chairman, A.B. Goddard: (link...)

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire

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